Origins of the Men’s Wear Dhoti Kurta and Traditional Kurta Pyjamas

by Vikram Sharma Textile designer

Dhoti kurta is traditional Indian attire for men. Even though the dhoti is worn throughout the country, there are regional variations in style, color, and pattern that are dictated by cultural practices.

The dhoti kurta worn-over cotton vest is known by several names, including dhotar in Maharashtra, Mundu in Kerala, and Lacha in Punjab.


The term 'dhoti' is derived from the Sanskrit term 'Dhauta.' It is a type of clothing that has been worn since the beginning of recorded history. Dhotis are also worn in the Maldives, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, in addition to India. It is the most common attire worn by India's top politicians.


Dhotis are typically made of cream or white fabric. A typical dhoti can take up to five yards of fabric to make. The fabrics of choice for this outfit are silk and cotton. Dhotis in southern states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu are cream with a gold border. This gives it a more sophisticated and rich appearance. Wrapping a dhoti in the southern style requires five knots.

Dhotis are worn like a pant in other parts of India, with a portion taken from between the legs and tucked behind, rather than a skirt or loongi as in the south.


The humble dhoti has undergone numerous innovative transformations. It has evolved from the loongi style to something more structured, like a pair of pants. From the front, this outfit appears to be a dhoti but is actually a pair of pants. This one-of-a-kind innovation is also a unisex dhoti, which means it can be worn by both men and women. It is especially popular among younger people.

Dhoti kurtas are available in a variety of colors, including maroon and blue.


Men in Southern India wear dhoti kurtas during festivals or marriage ceremonies. Politicians wear it as part of their formal attire. Pundits are often seen wearing dhotis while performing poojas and other religious incantations. Dhotis are also common attire in many rural areas of India.


Cotton dhotis are worn all year. During the hot and humid pre-monsoon months, they are especially popular. Silk dhotis, on the other hand, are appropriate for formal, festive, and traditional occasions.

Dhoti kurta for men is a must-have classic outfit.

Go traditional with kurta pyjamas for men

Kurta Pyjama or south Indian white lungi is the attire worn by men with full confidence and enthusiasm at traditional functions such as weddings because no other attire can be as comfortable as the Kurta, which is the upper garment, loosely stitched with sleeves falling straight to the wrist and available in varying lengths. Pyjamas, on the other hand, are bottom wear in the form of loose trousers with a straight cut.

Kurta Pyjama has long been worn in almost all states for formal or informal occasions. Because it is very flexible and thus best suited to the Indian climate, this ethnic wear has never lost its popularity. Because it is a light and easy-to-wear outfit, one of its versions has also served as night wear for many Indian men, but they are still worn at traditional functions such as weddings in fabrics such as silk, satin, or brocade, lending them a formal and trendy look.

They can be stitched with a Nehru or Mandarin collar to add to their formal appearance. Fine thread work or embroidery adorns these traditional kurtas. Furthermore, these Kurtas are available in a variety of styles, including Hyderabadi Kurta, Pathani Kurta, Lucknow kurta, and Punjabi or Sindhi kurta, each with its own unique characteristics.

Nowadays, online shopping allows everyone to hunt for whatever they are looking for at their leisure and even compare the prices and quality of products to be purchased. Men's Kurta Pyjamas can also be purchased online without much difficulty, sitting at home with just a click away in any variety that you are looking for. Kurta pyjama looks are accentuated with shimmery stoles, and the best part is that both guests and the bridegroom can shop at these stores. Find an online store that will put an end to your search and bring you the most exclusive collection of kurta pyjamas in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and embellishments at the most affordable prices.

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