Why Shockwave Therapy Considered Best for ED?

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Shockwave therapy is one form of treatment that is now recommended by sexologists to patients of erectile dysfunction. However, this treatment is not yet approved, by the FDA, but researches have proved this therapy quite useful. This therapy is best for men who are suffering from vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. Here due to a disorder in the blood vessel, the blood flow does not reach the penis properly. But will this treatment be useful for all patients of ED or not can only be answered by the doctors recommending the same.
A brief on shockwave therapy
Shockwave therapy, clinically Known as low-intensity shockwave therapy, is used in treating orthopaedic patients to treat broken bones. This non-invasive therapy is also used to treat injured ligaments and tendons. Hence for healing wounds, this therapy has been proven extremely useful. Here high-energy sound wave is used, and this helps speed up in repairing the tissue ad growth of the cell. 
Erectile dysfunction happens due to the disorder in a low blood vessel, and it needs to get repaired. This LiSWT is one of the best ways to do that easily. This treatment helps to repair and strengthen the blood vessel. 
How does LiSWT work?
So, if you are suffering from ED or impotence and just about to buy real viagra online, you can think of shockwave treatment before you Viagra. This therapy has been proven successful in many areas. As per this therapy, a wand-like device is fixed near various areas of the penis. An expert starts moving the device all over the penis. This process is done for almost 15 minutes, and no anesthesia is required here. This process emits mild pulses that initiate the process to improve the tissue and modify the penis. 
However, the FDA does not recommend this therapy but, the clinical trial of this therapy has proved effective. Once done, the effect of this therapy lasts for at least one year. 
A good percentage of the global men population experience the problem of occasional ED, and that is normal. This problem arises due to a hectic lifestyle, stress, excess consumption of alcohol, smoking, etc. But if one suffers from this issue frequently, then he needs to visit a doctor. There are lots of treatment options to treat ED, and one can select the best one for him. If you want to get rid of ED and want to take shockwave therapy, then you can consult with doctors regarding the process and shockwave therapy price. But still, this therapy is under trial, and hence many doctors do not suggest this therapy for ED.  
Side effects
Research works are continuing on shockwave therapy, and hence details on risk and side effects are still about to reveal. It already established that shockwave therapy is painless, but it does not mean that it won’t possess any side effects. Lots of research works are still yet to be made to understand the side effects and risks of this therapy.
Hence many doctors do not recommend shockwave therapy to treat ED. They prefer more other medications like Viagra, tadalafil, etc. If ED is occasional in a man, then they suggest changes in lifestyle like change in diet, quitting smoking, lesser consumption of alcohol, regular exercise, etc. All that we can say about ED is that yes, it is a medical problem found in men that can be treated if attention is given, at the early stage. It is something that can be found, in men of multiple age groups. Search for the best sexologist in your city and avail the treatment to treat the problem of ED. 

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