Why Punjabi Women Like Wearing Salwar Kameez More Than Women From Other States of India

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Many Punjabis believe in show and pomp and Punjabi ladies are extremely fashionable compared to other women in India. Other than that, they are also hard-working. This is why Punjabi women love dressing up in their favorite outfit called the Salwar Kameez. Salwars were brought into India by the initial Muslim Invaders and later embraced by the Mughals who added a completely different touch to it.

How the Salwar Kameez first Came into Being

In the beginning, Salwar was worn just in the Punjab region of North India. Particularly the portion lying in present-day Pakistan. This regional outfit was worn by both the men and the women in their own style and the cut used to be entirely different from each other.

More than that, the styles of Salwar Kameez from Punjab are entirely different than that of Baluchistan and Afghanistan. Women from these regions were not accustomed to wearing the Punjabi Salwar suit.

These suits were first worn by women in the 11th century B.C. It emerged as a mainstream fashion garment in the 1980s to early 21st century. Where it was worn on every street not only in India but also by many in London and Paris.

The Craze for Salwar Kameez  Across India

Suits are worn by women across all ethnic lines in India. It doesn’t matter, whether it originated from Pakistan and is more common in the northern states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. Salwar Kameez has won over the hearts of Indians all around the world and is a top favorite in Eastern, Western and Southern India as well. It is fashionable as well as a modest form of dressing that looks drop-dead gorgeous on grownup ladies. Even little girls in different parts of India love wearing a Salwar Kameez because of the charm and style exuded by it.

Benefits of Wearing a Salwar Kameez

A Salwar Kameez comes along with an umpteen number of benefits. Apart from being the traditional dress of Punjab, a Salwar Kameez is extremely gracious and is suitable for both formal outings as well as everyday work with the difference being in the cut, style, and material.

It also provides options to the fashion-conscious to get it customized with changes to suit their taste. Also, India is a traditionally conservative society that wants its ladies and gentlemen to present themselves in a very sophisticated manner. While other dresses do not offer the same freedom, with salwar kameez women can easily sit or stand up in a relaxed manner without the fear of their body parts being exposed or visible.

Salwar Kameez Creates a Sense of Belonging

One of the major reasons why Indian ladies love to wear Salwar Kameez is the fact that the outfit creates a sense of belonging amongst all Indian women because the same outfit is worn by most women starting from the lowest strata to the highest echelons of civil society with the only difference being the quality of material used and the work done on the suit. Based on the work, size, etc the price of a Salwar Kameez keeps altering.

Salwar Kameez look good on individuals with all kinds of body weight and shape. They are most convenient to be worn to the office as well. In spite of Indians from different states having different traditional dresses and dressing styles, they all prefer salwar suits more than any other dress.

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