Why People Are Failing to Maintain Social Distancing?

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With the massive spread of coronavirus, life is not anymore, the same in the US. Doctors and medical facilities are asking the common people to maintain social distancing as it is the only way to break the coronavirus chain. However, the daily increasing number of coronavirus cases is telling that people are not taking the matter of maintaining the social distance seriously. But why people are doing such a thing? Several reasons are coming from social activists, doctors, and experts. Some of the reasons are being pointed out over here.


The truth is that not only the US government but the people of the US also generalize the coronavirus matter in the earlier days. Thus, the COVID-19 crisis has taken the worst face than the previous SARS and H1N1 flu. However, people failed to understand the seriousness of the COVID19 and its characteristics. People didn’t consider human transmission and continued to get mingle with each other throughout the time. People of the US are now paying for this overgeneralizing attitude. 

Taking It As A Minor Flue

The truth is that people and the government of the US didn’t take the COVID-19 case seriously from the start. Most of the people think that it is nothing but flu. However, this proved wrong completely and the mortality rate is an example of this. However, as no such directives come from the government, people of the USA didn’t bother about maintaining proper social distancing. Further, they believed that only the old people are at risk. However, that is not completely true. Therefore, young people roam around the streets.

Emotionally Charged Up

Emotions are good. Often it helps in overcoming several barriers but when your emotions become your enemy, then you need to stop your emotional outflow. It is the same with the COVID-19 outbreak. It really feels bad to not get mingled or socialized but now when socializing is the biggest reason for this disaster, we must maintain the distancing. Further, few think that nothing to be afraid of the virus but that will not change the characteristics of the virus.

Fortune Tellers

No matter how advanced you are in science but some overconfident people are there who think that they can foresee the future. It happens in the US too. Some of the people said that this virus will not do anything to them. They were too confident or you can say that they were over-generalizing the virus effect. Even till the end of March, they were roaming on the streets and cafes. Right now, the whole country is facing issues due to such irresponsible behaviors.

Final Words

Therefore, over in this article, you have seen why people were so reluctant about social distancing. However, now the situation is really out of hand. With more than 4million affected and death nearly 15000. People must understand the importance of maintaining social distance to overcome this pandemic. Shops must start using a distancing sticker to urge the customers to maintain proper distancing while shopping.

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