Why Opt For Laparoscopic Gynaecology Surgery Than The Traditional One?

by CUSP Surgeons Practicing Excellence & Building Trust

In the present time the use of the laparoscopic instrument has increased to a large extent. Most of the surgeries now are performed using the same owing to the comfort level it offers to the doctors and is a little painless as well.  Only a small incision is enough to complete the surgery and that is why it is definitely the first choice of the doctors and patients both. Even the laparoscopic gynaecology surgery is one that is done through the instrument as it provides a clearer view of the uterus and the surrounding organs.


Earlier when surgeries were done, a big cut had to be made so that the organs of uterus would be clearly seen but today this instrument does it all. It has a camera fitted in it which offers a wide view of the organs. So performing the surgery becomes quite easy and even the patients do not face much pain. Thus you can say that now the specialist prefers to go with the modern day methods rather than relying on the traditional technique which was a little risky too.


There is no denial to the fact that laparoscopic gynaecology surgery is beneficial in every sense no matter whether it is a small one or big. Here are some of the advantages that you will be able to enjoy.


Less pain In case of the traditional surgery the patients used to feel a lot of pain once the surgery was completed. It took a lot of time to heal which increased the problems but now with the laparoscope things are quite seamless. The surgery gets completed in a small time and also the pain is very less after the surgery. This is something that gives a lot of relief to the patients as the pain sometime is unbearable.

Smaller incision As the surgery has to be performed using the laparoscope therefore a small cut is enough to insert the device through it. Earlier large cut had to be done just to see the parts easily. So with a smaller incision itself the entire surgery is possible which is an added advantage on the part of the patients.

Faster recovery The laparoscopic gynaecology surgery offers you speedy recovery which means that you will be discharged from the hospital on the same day or maximum the other day. You need not stay in the hospital for much time but can rest in your home as things get normal soon.

Get back to your normal life Traditional surgery would require a lot of rest as healing was longer but in this case you can get back to your normal life in a week or so. This means you need not get bored resting on the bed but can do little tasks and keep yourself busy.


Thus it is very clear from the above information that laparoscopic is surely the right way of surgery. CUSP Surgeons have experts who specialise in laparoscopic surgeries only thus ensuring the best results you were looking forward to.

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