Why John Rutan Wants To Serve The People of Ohio’s District 17

by John Rutan John Rutan for state representative

The people of Ohio have seen and participated in many elections, and when it comes to voting Ohio state representatives, it demands inner thinking. People have to think deeply as to who they want to serve them. John Rutan has voiced out his need to be a servant to the people. Many promises have been made to the people, but many haven’t been delivered. It’s the language of politicians – they sweet-talk you but they don’t serve you as they said. Through John Rutan political party, which is the Republican Party, Rutan would want to serve Ohioans because:

1- Wants to See Change

In everything you do, even your personal life, you will want to make a change. The change could be owning a home, getting a better education, having a great job, or building a strong financial base. These are changes you want to see in your life. Rutan, on the other hand, wants people’s change. He Ohioans being in a better place than they are today and unless he can lead the way, the people would remain in the comfort zone. John knows that the small step ahead for Ohioans is a leap for the Americans.

2- Wants to Make Ohio a Better Place

People want to live in better places, they want to live better lives, and that’s possible if there is good leadership. John has seen the brighter days for Ohio and has also seen the dark times for the states. He understands that unless the people of the Ohio state work together and there is transparent and accountable leadership, the people would never be happy. John Rutan political representatives strive to make Ohio a better place starting with District 17.

3- Has the People’s Vision

As a state, Ohio has a vision and that vision represents the vision and aspirations of the people. Rutan has the people’s vision in that he has interacted with them, he has lived with them, and he knows their problems. John knows that the people want and wants to pursue that vision in unison with the people. Unless Ohioans in District 17 support him, he cannot make it alone. They need to encourage him and offer the support he needs to deliver if he is elected. The first step for the people in realizing their vision is to elect Rutan and give him the front-seat to steer the bandwagon of Ohio’s development.

In essence, Ohio’s District 17 is taking a strong and bold move if it chooses to elect Rutan for the state representative District 17. And that’s what John Rutan political campaign is working hard to achieve.

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