Why IVF doesn’t work?

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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an ART procedure which is widely used across the globe for fertility solutions. IVF procedure is a treatment in which sperm and egg are fused in an artificial lab environment to produce an embryo which is implanted back into the womb of the intended mother to achieve pregnancy. IVF is considered a basic procedure infertility treatments which used frequently by those couples who are unable to give birth to their own child. The IVF treatment is a painless procedure which also has high success rates.

IVF treatment is a complex procedure which is an artificial way of achieving fertilization. To achieve success in this treatment it requires preparation before the beginning of treatment. The preparation of IVF treatment is very important to evaluate the success rate of the treatment plan. It involves medical screening of male and female partner, hormonal examination, blood test, ultrasounds, ovarian reserve, the examination of uterus lining etc.

IVF cycle is a series of procedures which is performed step by step to achieve successful results. Each step in this cycle has its own significance which can’t be skipped. The procedure begins with stimulation of ovaries followed by ovulation induction done to achieve multiple eggs in a single ovulation cycle. After that egg collection procedure is performed under sedation with the help of catheter which is a minor surgery. Sperm collection is performed at the same time of collection of egg procedure. After that, both are fused in Petri dish to achieve fertilization and kept in incubation, after that embryo can reach a stage of the blastocyst which followed by embryo implantation in the uterus of the intended mother.

What are the chances of failure of IVF cycle?

A successful pregnancy requires a healthy embryo to be implanted inside the womb of the intended mother and it should also get attached to the inner lining of the uterus to achieve successful outcomes. To obtain a healthy embryo, it requires a high-quality egg to be fused with good quality sperm in which both are in the healthy form free from chromosomal defects. The quality sperm must have good motility, morphology and mobility. The sperm should be good enough to make it to egg and penetrate into its cell wall. For implantation of an embryo, it requires a healthy endometrium lining of the uterus for attachment and further development to achieve a successful pregnancy. Every step in the IVF cycle alone needs perfection to prevent failure of the IVF cycle. There are some most common causes of failure of IVF treatment which occur during treatment.

·     Quality of embryo

To achieve a successful IVF cycle it requires the high-quality eggs and sperm to get fertilized and produce a healthy embryo which is implanted in the uterus of an intended mother for achieving conception. Sometimes the embryo is healthy but not implanted successfully may be due to defective uterus or embryo is not healthy enough for conception.

·         Quality and age of eggs

We all know the aging directly affect the quality of eggs. Eggs quality is gradually higher in younger women’s egg. Women’s fertility decreases after age of 35 years. The chances of implantation in women less than 35 years are high as compared to women over age of 35 years. IVF treatment is successful in older women by using donor eggs services.

·         Ovarian reserve

When a woman is born, all the eggs are reserved and stored in her ovaries they will ever have. As increase with age the eggs reserved in the ovary decreases in women. Every month one egg from the ovary is shredded which is known as menstruation. To achieve successful IVF many factors are contributed such as no. of eggs, quality of eggs, sensitivity to stimulation etc.

·         Chromosomal defects

As egg and sperm ages the chromosomal abnormalities also increases. It is evaluated that women with older age like 40s may have chromosomal abnormalities up to 75% of her eggs. Sperms also develop chromosomal abnormalities but very less as compared to egg and can be solved by using ICSI cycle also. But chromosomal defects also a reason to cause IVF failure. These abnormalities are common causes of miscarriage in IVF treatments. In this cases the patient is generally recommended with the PGT that is preimplantation genetic testing to check the chromosomal defects in the embryo before implantation.

·         Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle factors also contribute hugely to the fertility condition of a couple. Women who are overweight are required to lose weight usually. Whereas underweight is also a common issue for conception. We can boost our overall health by eating a healthy diet and maintaining our body with the moderate exercise which also boosts our hormonal health and quality of eggs and sperms.

·         Alcohol and smoking

We all know smoking and drinking is injurious to health but we don’t know how badly its affects the fertility of an individual. It is very harmful for pregnant women as she is recommended to avoid alcohol before 3 months of conception and during whole pregnancy. It badly affects the success rate of IVF treatment as well. Women with alcohol consumption likely to experience lower levels of estrogen which results in fewer no. of oocytes during IVF cycle.

Closing lines:

Select IVF India is a platform where no. of infertile couples aided with the best fertility solutions in India. IVF treatment is widely used all over the world. IVF is a complex procedure in complicated infertile couple where success is achieved with the help of multiple cycle of IVF. IVF treatment is performed by using higher technologies and advance methodologies to achieve higher success rates at our centers. The IVF treatment is always performed under internationally accepted guidelines and protocols standards. We always provide the treatment in affordable package to the couple which can be easily reached by them.

Select IVF India always tries to achieve successful pregnancy in single IVF cycle with high success rates and no complications. We provide all kinds of treatment from basic to advance fertility treatment which can be combined with IVF cycle to achieve successful pregnancy. With the advancement in fertility sector the success rates of fertility treatments is also getting higher day by day, patient not need to worry as pregnancy can be achieved easily in single cycle by our fertility experts.

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