Why It is Better to Seek Professional Help for Insulation Removal in Los Angeles?

by Jennry Richard Business Consultant

An insulation installation has its life span and with proper care, you can expand the period. However, there will be a moment, when the insulation will lose out on efficiency and there will be a need to replace it. We will be entering summer a few months later and you might just feel the heat from outside entering your living space. There will be pressure on the AC unit and it will lead to a spike in energy bills. These are indicators that the insulation installed at home needs an upgrade. There could always be confusion on whether you must opt for insulation removal first or install the new insulation over the old one. 


The condition of the existing insulation will have a big say in this matter. Has the insulation suffered from moisture, mild dew? It is a fit case for removal first and then installing the new insulation. If your insulation has been infested by rats, rodents in the attic, then once again the removal becomes necessary. However, this is not the job of a novice and you will need to book a professional service for insulation removal Los Angeles. Normally, the insulation team that removes the old insulation will also install the new insulation at your place. Here are some reasons why you benefit by booking professional services for insulation removal. 

insulation removal


It is a messy job


The job is messy, time-consuming, and certainly not easy.  Insulation removal needs extensive knowledge and practice. If you lack experience in removing insulation things get muddier and it will take more time than expected. At some stage, there will be a realization that you have bitten more than you can chew.  You can concentrate more on your core function and leave these issues to the professionals. 


The presence of asbestos fibers


Do you reside in an older building? The authorities have to say that buildings in the 1970s may have asbestos fibers in the attic space. In normal circumstances, it is not a problem but the moment; you try and remove the insulation this fiber dust will spread. It can cause severe lung diseases and even children in the family may suffer.  The big concern is that the symptoms of lung disease will come to the forefront two decades later. This is the reason why you should not try out insulation removal on your own and it will be better to book a professional service. There are testing kits available for asbestos checks, but why take the risk, when there are professionals ready to do the insulation removal. 


There could be pests in the attic


Even if you have done the test and the results show that there is no asbestos, there could be other dangers. There is always the probability of the attic space is infested with mice, rodents and it will be a horrible experience for a novice to work in such a scenario. A professional insulation installer has the experience to operate in these conditions and will do the job for you smoothly. 


The insulation may have toxic mold


The mold formation on the insulation happens due to a leaky roof and we have mentioned that in case of such damage, there is a need to completely remove the insulation. The problem arises because of certain types of molds, which carry toxic. These are dangerous and it is best left to the professionals. They have gear and know the technique to remove such mold. 


The person removing insulation must have all the gears


Even if there are no serious dangers of removing insulation, there will be plenty of dust. Hence, the person removing insulation must wear protective tools, face masks, and even take eye protection. A novice will need to hire these items you will not know where to get them. Professional insulation removal companies have such protective tools with them. They will safely remove the insulation and even install in your attic the new insulation. 




Here, we have shared with you enough reasons why for removing insulation, you must book a professional service. You must stay away from these hazards because it is risky and there could be a need to handle, plenty of dirt, debris. A professional insulation installation team will do quick, smooth work. 

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