Why Is Timesheet App Important for Your Organization?

by Alok Kumar Subject Matter Expert

Ever since the industrial revolution, factories have had employees working daily shifts, rotational shifts, all with the common goal of keeping the business going forward. Since time immemorial, managing the productive time of their employees has been the number one priority of supervisors across the globe. With this idea in mind, timesheets as we know them now were born.

Companies started with punching systems, then when the digital age approached, moved on to excel sheets and other documents as a workaround for employee timesheets. We are now at the zenith of technological advancement, and to consider a manual process for tracking employee time seems redundant and backward.

Multiple online employee timesheet software and employee timesheet apps are now available in the market and are the clear winner in the time tracking race. Companies are using these digital tools to monitor their weekly employee timesheets and using the advanced capabilities available in them, to make their processes also more streamlined. Free employee time tracking apps for Android and iPhone are now available in the market, providing a starting point for companies in the pursuit of their time tracking app for employees. There are also several big players in this highly efficient niche providing businesses with applications that have capabilities for geotagging, zero-touch, error validations etc that make them highly sought out today.

iPhone time tracking apps and other mobile apps have made the concept of time capture so easy and user friendly. There is no need for custom additional software, and the technology is something most people in today’s working generation are already accustomed to. What this means for companies is, they do not need to spend valuable resource hours trying to train their employees to use these applications and can have them job-ready immediately.

Timesheet applications have a variety of advantages working in their favor. You are looking at a platform that makes auditing easy because there is no need for a physical paper trail with everything saved online digitally. Traditional paper timesheets have very limited capabilities when it comes to data collection – the maximum they can do is get the ‘in’ and ‘out’ time of their employees and see if they have any overtime hours in a week. Digital timesheet apps have options to check if the employees are entering the correct information, see if they have missed any fields, and can even calculate their overtime hours automatically. Not only is this saving the time of employees who have to calculate their hours otherwise manually, this automated setup is ensuring that the accuracy of the data entered by the users are also following a certain standard.

Digital timesheet apps have proven time and again that the entire lifecycle of time tracking – data capture from an employee, to processing of payroll by the HR team, has made the lives of everyone involved easier. Whether it is a fortune 500 company, or a mom-and-pop shop with less than 10 employees working, no matter what the level of complexity is of data capture, time tracking apps have the ability to automate most of it, and for what can’t be automated, the manual intervention required is very limited in capacity. These timesheets are also giving supervisors never-before-seen insights into where exactly their employees’ time are being invested in, and quickly look for a runaway resource whose time can be spent better. This go-to solution is giving supervisors across the globe, minute-by-minute understanding of time spent on various tasks, activities, and projects.

When it comes to client-centric projects, accuracy in data-entry translates directly to accuracy in billing. When employees are tracking the time spent on different projects and tasks, this gives real-time information to project managers and billing managers on how to go ahead with the billing process. Even for future project efforts and costs, this accuracy in data entry ensures that the estimates that you are drawing are much closer to the actuals.

One happy coincidental advantage of timesheet applications comes from the user’s side. As and when employees are entering in their time data, this is also allowing them to track and monitor their performance and see how best they can divide their time against projects and activities to maximize productivity. They are getting insights into what kind of tasks are taking up their most time and can then prioritise those to finish them more efficiently.

In conclusion, if you are on the fence about getting a timesheet app for your organization, here’s definitive proof that both your employees as well as supervisors will applaud your decision to go ahead with one. Timesheet apps are important for all future-forward organizations that prioritize productivity and employee satisfaction.

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