Recycled master batch - an effective solution for the green industry in the future

by Tran Hoa Marketing

Recycled master batch is considered as one of the best solution for the plastic industry, especially when the environmental pollution is putting pressure on plastic and master batch manufacturers. The application of recycled masterbatch can save most of the resources of environmental resources as well as reduce pressure from environmental protection organizations.

Regenerated master batch - An overview of its properties and benefits

Regenerated master batch (also called recycled plastic granuel) is made by re-using many kind of base plastic. The first outstanding feature of this material is the low cost compared to the traditional primary plastic, utilizing the available materials will save most raw materials as well as reducing the energy of manufacturing machinery.

Before the production process, plastic waste will be collected and classified into groups to be crushed, dried and melted into compound to put into the machine into small particles. Regenerated master batch will undergo a separate processing to ensure the properties and quality of the product will be preserved after recycling.

What are the outstanding product lines of recycled master batch?

Like other traditional plastics, recycled resins are divided into different product lines to meet different needs in master batch production, including:

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): recycled masterbatch from HDPE base resin such as drainage pipes, fiber optic cables, household items, bags, packaging, etc. Some strengths of this kind of recycled plastic granuel can be applied is the high level of table, extended shelf life, limiting salt and acid corrosion.

PP (Polypropylene): This kind of base substrate is often recycled from film products, automotive materials, laboratory tools, ... Characteristics of regenerated PP master batch must include toughness and sturdy surface to limit the impact of strong impact from external forces.

ABS (Acrylonitrin butadiene styrene): plastic products used for recycling ABS are often extruded, extruded, office items such as keyboards, helmets or malleable products such as toys, shells, food box packaging, ... Regenerated ABS master batch has the advantage of withstanding strong impact from outside and excellent toughness.

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