Why Is It Important to Look Out for Regular Defibrillator Maintenance?

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You may have seen many online advertisements about Defibrillator For Sale or bumper offers on the purchase of defibrillator.

Knowledge of the defibrillator functionality becomes important before you put it into the cart. When you search on “Defibrillator For Sale Australia” you will end up with so many websites for the purchase. But, when to buy, why to buy, from where to buy, and what to look into while buying – These are the most common and important questions you need to find answers.

Let’s start with an introduction (one of the cheesiest lines!)


We lead you straight to the point but if you are a newbie then it is important to at least you know about the machinery exactly. It is a small electrical device that provides a controlled amount of shock to the heart in a problematic situation.

The most common type of defibrillator is the AED which is called an automated external defibrillator. Usually, it comes in two different forms like automatic and semi-automatic.

The type of semi-automatic detects the heart rhythm and tells you about when to shock the person in cardiac arrest.

Why will you need a defibrillator?

Whenever a person gets cardiac arrest, there is a problem of electrical pulses between the heart and brains. The machine will prevent the heart from blood pumping jobs to the entire body. It can save lives by providing a high electric shock to the heart through the chest wall. However, the purpose behind the electric shock is to restore the normal heart rhythm & function.

Many people hold a misconception between heart attack and cardiac arrest. Both terms are different. If you too believe in the same that both are equal and partially equal then, clear the misconception.

What is the difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack?

Understand the difference. When the body pipes that pump blood to and from the heart gets clogged and the situation arises, it is a heart attack.

The patients find chest pains daily or weekly before the attack happens. The heart pumps at abnormal rates. Moreover, if you notice a sign of chest pain or breathing issue then it is considered as cardiac arrest. If patients’ heart stops and they fall unconscious then it can be considered as a sudden cardiac arrest.  

Maintenance of defibrillator is important

People who are connected with health and safety management have a duty to ensure the safety and functionality of the machine as well as the patients. Purchasing defibrillator and ensuring the work don’t make the job complete. You need to make sure about the regular maintenance. Ensure to review the batteries and pads for the full health check-up.

Thusly, whether you buy Defibrillator For Sale or from anywhere else, it is important to make sure about its workability. If it isn’t in the proper condition, seek the services. After all, it’s a matter of life and death, you should take care of the machine & other equipment.

Source: Should We Seek for Defibrillator Maintenance Often? Know the Truth

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