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“The best scientists and explorers have the attributes of kids! They ask questions and have a sense of wonder. They have curiosity.”-Sylvia Earle, American marine biologist and explorer

Curiosity is one of the things that is engrained in the very nature of children. From a very young age, a child tries to make sense of the world and wishes to explore more and know more about the surroundings around him/her. As such, we, at Lotus Valley International School,the Best Play School in Noida, consider it to be one of our prime responsibilities to nurture that zeal in the young minds as they set foot into the world of education. After all, curiosity is the origin of creative thinking, development, and imagination in children, and all these qualities are integral to turn the wandering young minds into proactive learners and deep thinkers.

Now, you must be wondering, why are we terming curiosity as one of the key skills of children? Why, at all, do we, at LVIS, so strongly believe in fostering the innate inquisitiveness of the young minds? So let’s delve deeper into the topic today and find out how curiosity forms an important skill for children.

Curiosity is the driving force behind acquiring knowledge

A curious child is the one who will never be afraid to ask questions. Such kids are also better at finding, as well as creating their own solutions. They have an innate thirst to know more and learn more, and hence, never need any external motivation to turn into life-long learners.

A curious child is also a highly persistent child

Persistence is a quality that comes hand-in-hand with curiosity. A curious child is relentless in the pursuit of the answers, and this breeds an inherent resilience in them. It helps them remain undeterred even when they have to keep on trying multiple times to attain success.

Curiosity is the sign of an active and dynamic mind

A curious individual is also someone who is capable of thinking deeply about situations, classroom lessons, and more. His/her mind is constantly churning with new questions and answers that he/she needs to explore and find out. At best play school in Noida, we have noted that inquisitive kids mostly try to figure things out on their own, which is a sign of an active mind.

Curiosity has always been the first stage of innovation

Looking back at history shows us that the greatest inventions of all times were born out of the most curious minds of the world. Would we ever get antibiotics if Dr. Alexander Fleming didn’t get curious about that mold on his petri dishes?Do you think we would have ever got the electric bulbs if Thomas Edison didn’t want to see how they can make bulbs last longer? Who knows, maybe some greatest inventors of tomorrow are sitting right here in our classrooms, with just the need of a bit of motivation from our side.

Curiosity is the pathway to develop skills for a lifetime

By letting and encouraging our kids to be inquisitive, we give them the opportunity to develop many other crucial life skills. We teach them to observe, investigate, experiment, and analyze. And, as we have already mentioned before: when we encourage their curiosity, we make them persistent and resilient in their quest to be successful.

We, at play school in Noida, have always taken pride in not being an institution that simply focuses on making children pass their examinations and move on to the next level. In fact, it makes us happy to see our children being curious, asking questions about all that they learn and seeking answers that surpass the bounds of the textbooks. For us, it is a sign that we have been fulfilling our responsibility in the right manner as it shows that the young scholars are not just happy to learn, but are eager to know more.

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