Why is an Energy Management System a must-have for every industry or manufacturing plant?

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Managing electrical systems, networks, and power consumption is one of the biggest pain points for every factory, manufacturing unit, or even a commercial building. It would be fair to say that electric bills often send their monthly budgets for a toss. It is thus imperative that you achieve control over your electrical system. You must have accurate figures regarding your total energy consumption, major load hoggers, high consumption points in the unit, etc. to be able to hold a position through which you could optimize all these factors. In the days bygone, industries used to struggle to find a definitive solution for this. However, thanks to the advent of control systems and Energy Management System (EMS), and the influx of SCADA system suppliers in India, modern factories and plants have had it easy. But how exactly? Just have a glance at the benefits that EMS providers and things would be abundantly clear.

1. Data collection

EMS software creates a comprehensive energy database for the company. This helps create an accurate record of data consumption. Users could even feed electric bills manually into the system to enable the database to pay bills on time and avoid late fees and penalties.

2. EMS facilitates constant monitoring of energy consumption

EMS is an excellent energy information reporting tool. It provides data pertaining to a whole range of variables such as energy consumption, expenditure rates, and even about the impact of external factors such as weather on the unit’s power consumption. The data could then be aggregated to create a balance between energy consumption and energy requirement, which eventually reduces the energy consumption.

3. It gives you an accurate breakdown of point-wise power consumption

With EMS, you could know exactly how much power each electrical point on your premise consumes. You could identify points and sections that consume maximum power and attempt to minimize their energy intake. If a particular section consumes way more power than it should, it may even be a case of an electrical malfunction. In the absence of EMS, that malfunction may have gone unnoticed and undiagnosed.

4. EMS generates assessment reports

EMS generates assessment reports that cover various time periods - a day, a week, a month, even a year. Such assessment reports help you identify if your corrective actions for minimising power consumption have yielded the desired results or not. You could identify consumption patterns of various machines over a period of time and identify useful trends.

5. EMS reduces your electricity bills

Arguably the greatest benefit of EMS and one that would excite you the most is that it could cut down your electricity bills drastically. Irrespective of what the subject or problem is, when you are more informed, you are able to take better decisions. And that is exactly how EMS helps minimize your bills - by providing you with every single piece of information pertaining to your electrical systems. It allows you to control and systematically reduce your power intake and tackle the menace of rising operating costs with great efficiency. If you use industrial automation systems, then it would provide even greater benefits of EMS to you.

6. It lessens the requirement of man-hours for energy management tasks

EMS doesn’t just reduce your electricity bills, it also reduces the number of manhours needed for performing both menial and complex energy management tasks. EMS software automates many manual processes involved in energy monitoring and management. The system handles various time-intensive jobs such as data entry, meter reading, etc. and ensures that you either save on manpower costs or utilize that manpower for more important tasks.

7. EMS enhances your operational reliability

EMS could control data centers, manufacturing lines, and HVAC applications for their power consumption. This simplifies energy management and lends some much needed operational reliability to your unit.

8. EMS facilitates energy allocation

EMS could be put to use to help the submeters in allocating particular energy loads to a specific electric point or section of your premise in real time. This enables operators to factor in real-time data for making the required load changes.

9. It lowers your carbon footprint

A byproduct of EMS is that it contributes to environmental sustainability. The effectiveness and efficiency of EMS allows you to reduce your power consumption, which in turn, reduces carbon emissions and ultimately lowers your carbon footprint. You could market your organization as a ‘green organisation, a move which is certain to create a positive impact on your brand image, provided you leverage it properly.

As is obvious from the above-mentioned benefits, EMS can resolve all your energy management issues and simplify all the tasks involved in it. Many electrical control panel suppliers in India, such as Indexel Engineering are taking actions to leverage the benefits of EMS. It brings a lot of value to the table and installing such a system would only do good for your business. Its popularity and adoption are increasing with each passing day and for good reason. Adopt this system at the earliest to keep up the pace with your contemporaries!

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