Why Hire An Offshore Subsea Engineering Team?

by Karen Page Freelance Web Developer

The offshore subsea engineering team that you hire should start on your fiber optic network long before you need to connect your network and get your team on the rig. You need an engineer to build the cables for you, and that engineer needs to know precisely what you want out of your network. Use the tips below to build a network that is perfect for your offshore platform. Most people who have ordered one of these systems need to know the process before starting this process. 

How Does An Offshore Subsea Engineering Team Build Your Cables?

When you hire a fiber optic cable construction company, you need to make sure that you have found a company that helps companies like yours. This means that you have seen their portfolio and checked their references. The company should ask you what kind of network you want, and they should explain how they would build the cables for you. Plus, you need to remember that the contractor is creating a complex system that you will use every day.

What Do Your Fiber Optic Cables Do?

Fiber optic cable construction should include an Internet connection, voice connection, and data transfer connection. The data connection that you get should be so fast that you are not waiting to send data back to the shore. Plus, you need to figure out how to get a voice connection and an Internet connection that is reliable. The engineering team will build the cables with a heavy outer skin that will protect it when it is installed at the bottom of the ocean.

The fiber optic cables need to be installed at your offshore rig and your offices on the shore. The engineering team uses boats and submarines to install these cables at the bottom of the ocean, and they check the connection once the cables are ready.

How Do You Know The Fiber Optic Network Is Working?

You should have requested very specific speeds when you went to the fiber optic cable construction company. You need to know that you are getting those speeds, and you should ask the company how to test the network. When you are consistently testing the network, you know that the system is working the way that it should. If you ever have problems with lag or slow downloads, you need to call the offshore subsea engineering team for a maintenance or service appointment.

How Does The Engineer Manage Fiber Optic Maintenance?

The fiber optic cable construction company that you hired should maintain your cables after the fact. This company will check the cables using ROVs and boats. They will let you know if there is a problem with the cables, and they can repair the cables if needed. You get an alert when the system is back to full strength, and you can continue your work. These systems tend to be very reliable, but investing in maintenance ensures that you do not have a problem with your network at an inopportune time.

One More Thing About Fiber Optic Cable Networks

The offshore subsea engineering team that you hire can build your cables, install your cables, and show you how to test the network. Make sure that you have chosen a company that can install and maintain your cables no matter how long they are. You can ask for very fast data transfers, and you can get a voice/Internet connection. You need this sort of system for your company to make sure that your offshore crew is safe and connected. Plus, you can receive information from the rig when you are using fast cables that do not lag like wireless networks.

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