Why Does Your Business Need Hybrid App Development to Build Your App?

by Aimee Phelps Aimee Phelps is a Digital Marketer at thirstyDevs

Recently, mobile apps are one of the most essential business tools. Apps have become the new standard for building up a stable connection with your business customers. Currently, the app is not just software but is referred to as a service. Any business is driven by constant innovations and so a lot of businesses & industries have been using an app for past years. The benefits of each app development approach are based on different requirements. If any financial institutions like banks & insurance companies who have a big budget for his applications choose Native App Development because customer’s security is an important thing to them. Amazon and PayPal is an example of a Native app. However, Hybrid Mobile App Development is more suitable for startups because he has limited funds and this type of app focused on a business niche. Uber, Instagram is an excellent example of a Hybrid app.

Here are some points that help to make the correct decision:

  • App Timeline — If your time limit is short for the app and If you need to get your app in the market quickly and at a low cost, a Hybrid app is your best bet.

  • User Experience, Graphics & Animation — What level of quality are you looking for? If the User Experience is a high priority and important for user attraction, go with a native app. Native apps offer the fastest graphics & fluid animation. But nowadays you also choose the Hybrid App for a better user experience. 

  • Functionality & Features — If your app accesses the device features directly such as camera, microphone, etc. then go with native app development. But if your budget is short and you need to access the phone’s features then select Hybrid Mobile Application Development

  • App Performance — If performance is your top priority then nothing beats a native app. Because Native Applications supports some great aspects like Real-time updates and 3D Graphics. Also, you consider the hybrid app as a second-place because of lots of updates in OS performance and device power. 

  • App Budget & Available expertise level— A native app is the most expensive while you develop the app. Native mobile application development demands separate developers that are expert in his platform you want to support. Hybrid Apps allow you to deliver on multiple platforms with the same skill level.

  • Market Availability — Do you want your app available in different app stores like Playstore or Apple store? Then you need a hybrid or native app.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

Hybrid apps run like native apps, but they work across multiple platforms. Because any developer only has to write the code once. It is a web application, but it can be installed on the user’s device just as a native application. Uber, Yelp, Instagram is an example of hybrid mobile apps.

A hybrid application consists of two parts:

  • The backend codebase, which is built with programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

  • A native wrapper that loads the code using a WebView. A WebView is a built-in mobile application browser. Webview allows the app to access the hardware features of the device, such as the camera or GPS.

Ionic is a popular mobile app development platform for building hybrid mobile apps. Coders can build, test, and deploy hybrid apps easily.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development’s advantages

  • Easier to build.

  • Native apps are less expensive than native apps.

  • The single app works across all platforms.

  • The app can access device features such as the camera and storage using different API.

  • Coders can re-use their skills from web development.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Mobile App Development

  • Slow performance as compared to native apps.

  • Platform-based customization is not 

  • cannot customize the app based on the platform, which directly affects user experience.

When it comes to mobile apps, the choice between Hybrid and Native is an important task. If you are looking for a Hybrid Mobile App Development Company that builds a powerful and budget-friendly hybrid app then must visit the thirstyDevs website. Our Skilled Developer is glad to develop an app and give your business a digital face.

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