Why Does the Water Heater Trip the Safety Switch?

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Did you recently find your water heater to trip its reset button? There are indeed a few likely causes for its happening. Before discussing the causes, we shall focus on the various controls of your hot water system. 

Hot Water Repair

The Eminent Controls for your Hot Water Systems

After you have bought and installed a hot water system and got it installed by the professionals of a reputed company in Perth, then you have to be aware of the ideal setting of the thermostat control of the heater. Right when you are aware of the thermostat control of your water heater, then you have to be aware that its recommended ideal setting is 48Celsius - 50Celsius. This particular temperature range is regarded as the “sweet spot” as water is sufficiently hot enough for killing bacteria while enough moderate for not causing any kind of serious burns. 
Nevertheless, several kinds of problems are likely to cause the water heater to overheat, and right when this takes place, then emergency cut-off or ECO is significantly engaged for turning off the heater entirely. Now for resetting the heater, you will have to push the ECO’s red button that is generally found on the thermostat's upper part.
Sometimes, the water will however start tripping the ECO repeatedly, and in these cases, you will definitely have to contact the hot water repair plumbers from the reputed firm in Perth. If the tank water is this very situation, then the chances are fairly high it will be seriously hot. Since this issue is the result of a faulty component, so things will be under control only when the faulty part has been discovered and removed.

The Highly Possible Causes for the Hot Water Systems Tripping The Safety Circuits - An Overview

The Faulty Thermostat

It could be due to the faulty thermostats- the water heaters are having two thermostats - one at the tank's top and one at its bottom. The heating element heating the water is controlled by each of these thermostats. Just when the water reaches its ideal temperature, the job of the thermostat is turning off the heating element. In case, either or both the thermostats become faulty and stops from their job, then the water starts being heated above the safe and ideal level due to the functionality of the heating element.

The Faulty Heating Element

Heating elements could even become faulty over time. In several cases, they will only stop heating right when they become defective. On the other hand, in a few cases, the heating elements can continue receiving power and go on heating due to the electrical short, regardless of the fact the thermostat has made an attempt to shut it off. This very problem will cause the same result in the form of dangerously hot water and continuous ECO tripping. 

The Faulty ECO

The ECO could be the cause of the tripping itself. Either due to wear or tear, or else through the repeated overheating cases, or a totally spontaneous failure. A fried ECO switch has to be replaced, but one good news is the fried switch is not

 Cause of Bad Wiring

If the ECO is tripping, but the heating element, thermostat, and ECO are in their proper working order, then it will be due to the loose wiring producing a separate source of heat from within the hot water system. Apart from the water being overheated, this very problem will be carrying the additional fire risk or electrical shock. Definitely, it is the task of the trained professional plumbers to figure out whether your water heater is malfunctioning due to wiring problems. 

Whatever is the cause for the water heater to trip the safety switch, or else repeated tripping of the water heater system’s ECO then it needs immediate professional attention. So, if you have been dealing with this matter, then call the professionals to settle on the remedial solution at the earliest. 

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