Why Do We Need Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System India?

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Around the world, one of the most common causes of death is water related diseases. Insufficiency of clean drinking water for household or domestic uses is the main cause of the increasing deaths in rural as well as urban sectors of developing economies such as India. In India, deaths from waterborne diseases are nearly eighty percent!

Further, according to one survey, more than one hundred and seven million Indian households are using tap water; however, only seventy-nine million households have access to treated water. With this increasing insufficiency of safe and clean drinking water, Indians are prone to harmful water related diseases.

Drinking contaminated or unclean water can cause a number of harmful waterborne diseases and that's why one needs to be very careful about consuming clean and safe water. In a developing economy like India, people still need to be made aware of safe and healthy water purification systems. Understanding the condition of India, it can be safely concluded that the best water filtration available today is the reverse osmosis water purification.

Reverse osmosis water purification systems can help in removing pollutants and impurities from water. Reverse osmosis offers protection from pollutants and impurities including arsenic, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, fluoride, sulfates, pesticides, nitrates, and more. The carbon filter of reverse osmosis systems will remove chloramines and chlorine as well. In simpler terms, the reverse osmosis helps in removing dust particles and bacteria from home water.

Reverse Osmosis: How does it Work?

Reverse osmosis is actually a technology of water purification, which uses one semi-permeable membrane to get rid of larger particles, molecules, and ions from your drinking water. Reverse osmosis helps in removing dissolved inorganic solid particles such as salts from water. Reverse osmosis is efficient and fully capable of removing many kinds of suspended and dissolved species from the water such as bacteria.

Impurities that are commonly found in a home or tap water such as chlorine and chloramine, lead, fluoride, lead, nitrates, and detergents can be easily removed with the filtration technology of reverse osmosis.

But, do Indians really need reverse osmosis water purification system in India?

Actually, it depends mainly upon the quality of water that a household is getting for drinking purpose. In India, there are many systems of water purifier such as water purifier that is gravity based, UV, RO UV etc. that are available. If there are dissolved impurities in the water such as fluoride, arsenic, pesticides, organic chemicals etc. then gravity based or normal UV purifier cannot help in removing these dissolved impurities. Only reverse osmosis water purification system will be able to remove these dissolved impurities as well as biological, chemical, and physical impurities.

Here are few more benefits of Reverse Osmosis.

• Improves Taste: The contaminants actually causes odor and taste problems in water.Reverse Osmosis filtration removes contaminants which improve appearance, odor, and taste of water.

• Simple Maintenance: Reverse Osmosis systems come with few replaceable and moving parts, which make Reverse Osmosis systems much easy to service and clean.

• Saves Money: With a Reverse Osmosis system in your house, you do not have to buy bottled water cases and you can also cancel the service of water delivery. RO filtration offers better-than-bottled water quality drinking water for a very less cost.

•Easy Installation: For household uses, you can install the system of a small Reverse Osmosis filtration on your kitchen top, which will provide you top quality and safe drinking water. This is known as a Point of Use or POU water purifying system, which can connect to an ice machine and fridge.

Water today contains a lot of diseases, bacteria, dust, and impurities because of water pollution, which is very common in India. Reverse osmosis effectively removes all the impurities and pollutants to make the drinking water safe and healthy. The Reverse Osmosis system not just removes unsafe chemicals and substantial metals from water, but also expels and murders the disease spreading infections, germs, and microbes.

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