Why Do Facebook Ads Suck?

by andrew n. Manager

In the recent past, most organizations and businesses have gone online after realizing the importance of having an online presence. According to research, over 80% of buyers in the United States usually conduct an online search before proceeding to a physical store outlet. That should give you a glimpse of the importance of having a better search engine ranking.

For better ranking, it is crucial to be active on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Facebook is one of the online platforms used by many businesses and companies to reach their esteemed customers. Since its establishment in 2004, it has seen tremendous growth in the number of users which is staggering at 2 billion. In every single month, FB has more than 1 billion active users both businesses and individual entity. How to drive traffic to your website with Facebook?

Facebook has an advertising system which can allow you to display your ads and generate more visitors for your site. But is it worth it? Well, in this article you will learn why Facebook ads are not a direct route to profit and hyped sales. Here is why these ads suck:

Top 5 reasons why Facebook ads suck

They are expensive to maintain

It may not be costly to make a single ad and drop it the following week, but it can be very expensive to maintain an ad on Facebook for years. It calls for the commitment of time, resources, and of course, energy. If you want to get those likes and followership, you need to gear up your campaign. In case, you are lucky to have followers; you need to be replying to their questions and comments. You need to be more responsible in producing touchy campaigns, and that asks for more money.

They don’t escalate sales

If you are doing ads to boost your sales, you have already missed big. Just because you have thousands of likes and followership doesn't mean you will have increased sales. Most of the likes are dummies and unrealistic. Facebook has been sued for showing increased likes which don't even exist. 

They don’t deliver the best ROI

Just as ads don't necessarily boost your sales, so they don't translate to great Return on Investment (ROI). The profits expected from a business that has thousands of likes and followers should be enormous, but research has shown, ROI is still low even for such companies or businesses.

The advertising costs are increasing year on year

Facebook ads are becoming expensive by year especially the videos and pay per click policy even when clicks are dummies. Although the ads don’t necessarily boost profits, they are costly especially for small businesses who want to make an impression on the customers. In the long run, many companies may not advertise if the costs are not regulated.

There are inflated video metrics

After the realization that Facebook has been overestimating and inflating the period used by people watching brand's videos, many businesses and organizations have filed a lawsuit. FB has been hyping the number of view in the posts and videos of various brands by 60-80%. No wonder, there can't be an increase in sales or ROI because the video metrics are inflated.

Final Verdict

In conclusion as a business owner, you should be aware that Facebook is not great if your business is B2B. You may not get the best out of it, and the ads will hit a hard rock. B2C businesses are likely to reap more benefits from FB. Nevertheless, it is obvious now that Facebook ads don't result in sales or profits despite them being relatively expensive. You can use Facebook to create awareness of your brand or buy organic traffic to rank highly in search engines which will yield more.  

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