Why Build A Cloud-Based Truck Dispatch Software?

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Truck Dispatch Software

Change is the only constant in the world. So, if you are not changing your ways of doing business with time, your business will go obsolete.

  • Cloud-Based Dispatch Software is the need of the Hour

A confused dispatcher, a bundle of log sheets and continuous calls. If this is the scenario of your trucking business office, then you are in grave need of an upgrade. Many trucking businesses are still working this way, which costs them a lot of money, time and other resources. On top of it, this method increases the chances of human error.

With truck dispatching software, you won’t need human assistance for each dispatched order. The dispatch software for trucking companies will do all the work on its own. If you wish to access your dispatch system remotely using your PC/Laptop/Smartphone, then web-based dispatching software is the right call for you.

  • What is an Automated Dispatching System?

Unlike old dispatching systems where first a sheet is created manually for every truck and its contents for a particular trip. Just upload the inventory list and details; the system will bifurcate the inventory according to pre-decided routes of each truck.

Further, the loading team receives the revised inventory list for each truck, and they load the trucks accordingly. This approach drastically reduces the chances of any error in loading.

The next step is transportation. In the old days, the dispatchers would sit by the phones to guide truckers if any problem occurs in transportation. But, new systems have adopted IoT technologies so that the drivers are in continuous contact with the base office.

Drivers continuously get instructions about the weather and possible traffic on their route. This saves a lot of time and money for the business.

  • Why go with a Custom Truck Dispatch System?

There are some existing dispatch systems in the market, but the problem with them is complicated software installation (in some cases buying additional hardware to access the system). Still, you can only access the system using a single browser which again restricts your freedom.

With a cloud-based truck dispatch software, your work won’t be restricted to your office.

The best transportation dispatch software would work even when your office is closed. You can handle the truck dispatching software from the comfort of your home or from a vacation resort; all you need is an internet-enabled device.

Some trucking companies think increasing customer support will solve their problems. But in contrast, this further increases the issues as the company has to dedicate more time first to train the employees and then manage a whole team of dispatchers.

The only feasible and most profitable solution to this problem is the cloud-based dispatch software.

  • A Few Truck Dispatch System Myths to be Broken

Myths are barriers to any advancement, and there are a few prevailing about dispatch software too. It’s important to clear these myths to build a clear runway for this technology.

Dispatch systems are only for big companies

If you think small, you’ll stay small. You may own just one truck, but if with that one truck you give the best service to your customers, you’ll soon multiply more than rabbits. So, building a dispatch software for small trucking companies is advisable; this can probably become the one factor that your company needs to grow big.

My customers will not like the app

On the contrary, they would love this dispatch system app. You can give a feature using which they can live-track their package. If your business is in packers and movers app development vertical, then your customers will love this feature as they can track their cargo in real-time and estimate its arrival and make arrangements accordingly.

My drivers won’t like the trucking software

There may be some drivers who won’t be happy changing their ways, but most of them would love this as they can get heads-up for any condition en route. This could not only be profitable but in some cases, save lives if your drivers have to travel through rough and dangerous roads.

Some may argue that they prefer to talk to a real person for information. You can provide this feature in your Dispatch system app; they can speak to a real dispatcher if they wish to by giving a certain command to the app.

I’ll need to buy new hardware

You don’t need to buy any new hardware. All you will need is standard internet-enabled mobile, tablets, or PCs. Most of the new phones and computers available in the market are more than capable of running the cloud-based dispatch software without any problem. If you think that servers may cost you a lot, then you can go for rental servers.

  • Benefits of Cloud-Based Dispatch Software

There are some amazing benefits of using truck dispatch software. Here are a few top benefits:

Full Access Using Any Web-Enabled Device

The dispatcher or admin can access the truck dispatching software from anywhere, at any time. It's the single most important feature that the dispatching software offers to its users.

On-demand dispatch software allows the user to quickly update schedules for all the drivers from any web-enabled devices. This makes the whole process very portable and light-weight as you can carry your entire dispatch system in your pocket.

No Add-ons or Updates Required

The whole dispatch software is a standalone system that doesn’t need any add-on software to run and can work perfectly without any need of updates unless required by you. You also don’t need to have any extra hardware besides the devices that you already own.

All the Data Is Backed Up and Secure

All the dispatch data that you save on the cloud, not only current but past information are kept on the servers to view and edit at any given time. Many companies have lost a fortune just because their computers holding dispatch data crashed and they didn’t have a backup of the lost data.

With cloud storage, your data is always backed up and secure.

Ease of Data Analysis and Sharing

Since the data is kept in the cloud, it’s easy to access and analyze. You can also build your web-based dispatch system to run reports and analyze business operations. The sharing of data is also very easy as you can upload and download all the data in Excel sheets.

  • Build Your Truck Dispatch Software

Building a custom truck dispatch software is the best way to move forward. By having a personalized dispatch system for trucking business, you don’t have to compromise on any app feature and make the most of the dispatch solution.

But to build such a versatile truck dispatch app and software, you will need a highly experienced team of dispatch software developers.

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