Why Asbestos Testing is Important

by Air Tests Indoor Air Quality Analysis

In order to ensure that the air quality at the workplace is free from any kinds of contamination, it is very important to carry out asbestos testing, this is particularly true for the sectors where asbestos is used in huge quantity. Asbestos is used for various purposes like for fencing, flue and water pipes, eaves, making shades, temporary roofs and others. The asbestos fibers are released in the air which if inhaled can cause serious health issues. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the air is tested at regular intervals in order to make sure that the level of these fibers present in the air is nor alarming.

How can people get affected?

When the asbestos sheets get disturbed due to many numbers of reasons, the fibers get released in the air and when this air is inhaled, it can cause serious problems. It is very common in the areas where cutting, drilling, and sizing of asbestos are done. This is one of the reasons as to why asbestos testing needs to be done in these areas. This testing is absolutely essential prior to any sort of renovation or demolition work. It will ensure that the air quality at work is healthy and will not pose any major health threats to the workers.

What are the major Health Threats?

If testing is not done properly, in that case, it won’t be possible to assess the volume of free asbestos fibers present in the air. The workers who spent hours in this condition can develop some serious health problems, which include the followings:

·         Lung Cancer

·         Asbestosis

·         Mesothelioma

People who breathe in contaminated air, day in and out are most like to be affected by these diseases. This is why testing the air for asbestos particles is mandatory in the industrial areas in many countries.

What happens if the test results show that the content of asbestos fiber in the air is more than normal? In that case, there are no other options available but to remove all the asbestos from the area. It needs to be mentioned, that in certain cases spending a couple of hours in contaminated air can result in severe breathing problems.

If you have asbestos at your workplace, in that case, make sure to carry out a test on a regular basis. This will ensure that the air quality at work is stable and free from contamination

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