Why are Top 10 Tech Companies In The World ever-growing?

by Shamir D. Digital Marketer

The Top 10 Tech Companies In The World are ever-growing in this tech era. The world has become ever-dependent on technology, suffering from COVID-19. It has resulted in the rise of tech companies worldwide. 


The market situation has been hurt deeply by this pandemic. Many businesses are in crisis and are facing harsh conditions. But there is a rise in the growth of tech companies.


They are setting new standards for work and are making lives easier with their innovative approach. They work continuously for technology improvement, which can benefit other companies and businesses of the world. Let us first know about the companies on the list.   

Which companies come in the list of the Top 10 Tech Companies In The World? 


The well-known companies that are:

  1. Apple: - 260.174 billion dollars.
  2. Samsung Electronics: -197.705 billion dollars.
  3. Foxconn: - 178.869 billion dollars.
  4. Alphabet Inc.: -161.857 billion dollars.
  5. Microsoft: -125.843 billion dollars.
  6. Huawei: -124.316 billion dollars.
  7. Dell Technologies: -92.154 billion dollars.
  8. Hitachi: -80.639 billion dollars.
  9. IBM: -77.147 billion dollars.
  10. Sony: -75.972 billion dollars.


These Tech giants have gained revenues in billion dollars and earned their place in this list of Top 10 Tech Companies In The World. 



Top 10 Tech Companies In The World: What are the functions of these companies?

 1)      Apple:

It designs, develops, and sells

·         Consumer electronics

·         Computer software

·         And Online Services

Apple is known as the most valuable brand. People are very loyal to this company and have trust in its services.


2)      Samsung Electronics: 

It builds components like:                      

·         lithium-ion battery,

·         Image sensors, etc.

·         It is the biggest producer of phones as the Samsung-Galaxy series.

·         It also works on digital media, LCD digital tools, and more.


3)      Foxconn:

It is

·         The largest supplier of electronics building works.

·         Some well-known products made by them are blackberry, IPad, I-phone, Nokia, play-stations, etc.


4)      Alphabet: 

·         It is a group of companies like Google, Fibre, Nest, Calico, and more.

·         It looks after services like YouTube, Maps, Chrome, and more.


5)      Microsoft: 

It develops:

·         computer software’s

·         Personal computers.

·         It has made Microsoft operating system.


6)      Huawei: 

It is leading globally in supplying:

·         Information and communication technology (ICT).

·         A/B Testing

·         Remote configuration

·         App linking

·         Product management


7)      Dell Technologies:  

It works on:

·         Servers

·         Personal computers

·         Computer security

·         Network security

·         Dell laptops are the most liked and best in the world.


8)      Hitachi: They make products for

·         Automotive Systems

·         Machine construction

·         Defense system

·         Digital media


9)      IBM:

It produces and sells

·         Hardware

·         Middleware

·         Software

It has invented:

·         Automated Teller Machine

·         Floppy disk

·         Hard disk drive

·         Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)


10)   Sony: 

·         It is the largest video game console firm.

It is also a producer of:

·         Image sensors

·         Cameras

·         Semiconductor



Top 10 Tech Companies In The World: A boon for everyone?


The world is in the hands of technology. These Tech giants have already broken many of the limits and are on a path to glory. Creating new life out of nowhere, these companies are a boon for everyone. With changing times, we have to adapt and let them lead us from the front.




How to get a job in the Top 10 Tech companies In The World?

Every company has its criteria to select its employees. You can find it on their official websites. 



How to invest in these tech giants?

The stock market needs a systematic study of the changing scenarios. There are many ways to earn after knowing the market.



Is working in these tech companies the best courier option available?

Yes, the employees of these companies are dedicated in life to achieve their max capacity.


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