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Do you know how to tell when your coffee beans are ready to use? And did you know that it's a common myth that the fridge is the best place to store your coffee beans? You might not think that the answers to these questions will make a massive difference to your morning coffee, but the way you care for your coffee beans does indeed have a significant impact. According to leading Melbourne wholesale coffee suppliers, Inglewood Coffee Roasters, here are the tips you need to ensure your coffee beans stay fresh.

Avoid The Fridge

As soon as you take your coffee beans out of the fridge, they'll start to condensate and sweat, and sweaty beans sure don't taste great. Plus, whatever flavour in the beans that aren't sweated out will now have the aroma of whatever is in your fridge added to it. So if you have left-overs or your forgotten lunch on the shelves, the smells within these foods will soak into your coffee beans. On a serious note, moisture-affected beans can be a health hazard as the moisture can cause mould to grow.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Be sure not to leave your beans out on the bench or windowsill and definitely don't put them there on purpose. Extreme heat can be just as bad for coffee beans as the cold. Heat makes your coffee beans sweat and release their flavour. Plus, it accelerates the aging process and causes the beans to become stale much faster.

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Choose An Airtight Container

If you store your coffee beans in an open bag, or in any way that they'll be exposed to the air, there's a high possibility that they'll be going stale before you get to try them. Oxygen causes the beans to undergo oxidation which ages the beans prematurely. The less oxygen, the longer they'll last. This is why a sealed, airtight container is the best storage option. The Inglewood team recommends that the container you choose is opaque, not transparent. Clear containers won't provide much of a barrier from the sun and heat as opaque containers do.

Find The Ideal Location

As a general rule, when storing your coffee beans, you need to be aware of air, moisture, heat and light. They're best stored in a cool, dry place away from both extreme heat and cold. And, within that cool, dry place, such as your pantry cupboard, your beans should be in an opaque, airtight container. You don't even need to take the beans out of the bag they're packaged in. Just pop the whole bag into the container!

Wholesale Coffee Beans Melbourne Wide

Now that you know how to store them for longevity, why not explore the range at Inglewood Coffee Roasters? Purchasing wholesale coffee beans Melbourne wide is easy with the friendly and experienced Inglewood team.


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