Wholesale Candle Boxes For Various Functions

by Caro l. Creative Content Writer

Celebrating events, giving gifts, decorating home or embellishing occasions, the need for candle highlighted.  Candles are common use stuff which enlightens many celebrations and make the common day a luxury one. Candle comes in different types including the simplest one often attached to cakes. The customization a styling of the candle comes in different ways like the number, alphabet candles, candle flowers, and others. The candle styling is increased with different decorations and packaging styles.

The candle boxes can be made up of different materials, designing, customizations and structures. The packaging of the candles can be done with the following material:

Corrugated box: The box is made up of recyclable paperboard material with three or five layers which has flute paperboard between two or three flat paperboard layers. These boxes material is used for cheap package production. The boxes are strong and durable for the long term and can be reused for different purposes. The boxes are easily customizable.

Rigid box: These boxes are made up of 4 layers of paperboard but compressed. The boxes are strong and durable. The boxes are expensive in comparison with corrugated and paperboard boxes. The boxes are specially used for luxury product packaging. These boxes are customized in luxury candle boxes

Transparent box:  These boxes are made up of transparent plastic material that can be used in different forms and purposes. The boxes are reusable easily and often used in gift packaging. The transparent boxes are decorative as well as protective as they have the potential to block weather effects like moisture and humidity prevents the product from damaging.

Round box:  One of the most common packaging styles of the candle is made up of different materials but a cylindrical style. The boxes are created with various materials like a kraft box, paperboard and etc. Kraft box material is eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are lightweight and durable at the same time. The material is not so expensive too. Paperboard material is a recyclable material. It is also durable, strong and lightweight.

Glass: Jars or boxes made up of glass are decorative and attractive. The boxes are quite expensive than other materials and styles. These boxes can be re-usable in different manners. The glass candle boxes are used for luxury and gifts.

Wooden box: Another for luxury packaging, wooden boxes are also reusable in a different manner and highly eco-friendly. The boxes can be customized in different manners like dimensions, the color of the boxes and structure. The boxes can be decorated in different manners. It is not important to make a complete wooden packaging but can also be elongate the wooden frame with glass to make it look more attractive. The wooden boxes are quite expensive compared to other packaging styles but they can be reused for many purposes. These candle packaging boxes are good for giving gifts or adding a luxury look to your house.

Suitable provider selection:

The boxes and packaging are provided by many wholesalers on both online and offline. The selection of the suitable provider is not easy. You need to find the compatible packaging, budget and offers before placing an order. You can find the best options by a little effort in researching. Before placing order, check the customer reviews about the packages and the services. Als check if the providers are giving offers that match your chosen style and customizations. You can also compare the customization offers provided by different sellers and find the most suitable and lastly consider the provider which matches most features along with your decided budget.

Uses of Packaging:

The packaging is not only used for covering the products but there are also various functions that can be performed through packaging. These functions are:

Marketing: The customizations on the packaging helps in the marketing of the product. It helps in attracting the customers, finding feedback, getting WOM (word of mouth) effect from the customers and brand promotion. The packaging helps in defining the target customer. Brands and companies can customize their product package to attract customers. For example, most of the teen girls products are packaged in bright feminine colors while the adults’ products are packaged in sober or matte designing.

Protection: Candle is made up of wax and fragrance, colors are , etc. These ingredients can be damaged through various effects like moisture, humidity and most importantly the temperature. Product packaging is needed to choose according to the placement location. The products in a hot location need more prevention. The packaging is also done to prevent the damages on the product from dust and other environmental effects.

Shipping: strong and durable packaging is required for the products not only to protect from external effects but also the effects like collision which can severely damage the products. For shipping candles, corrugated boxes are used because they are strong and three or five-layered the material of the boxes can easily block the external effects like humidity or temperature. The product boxes that covers individual pieces help in avoiding damage. For more protection, corrugated boxes can be filled with packaging material like cushions and foams. Packaging material are used to provide extra support during the shipment of luxury or delicate product. In case of candle packaging and shipping, glass boxes and jars may need packaging materials for sustaining. Bulk candle boxes can be shipped with a large corrugated box

Information Transmission: the boxes used for product packaging are helpful in defining the details of the product to the customers. packaging, mostly, contains the ingredient, procedure, attentive information on the packaging to warn the customer about any danger, or the way and procedure of using the product.


The boxes for candle packaging can be made in different styles with various options of customizations. There are many wholesalers who provide diverse options and offers for placing the order. You can design your product package by yourself, find out the wholesaler of the package who accepts the most of your design and gives the order candle packaging wholesale in your customized design.

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