Who would be the Right Choice for Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign? — All Questions Answered

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Small, medium or big, your business could never expect to reach the zenith without a successful promotional campaign for building your brand awareness (identity). Digital marketing has become an inevitable medium for building your brand identity. In short, it would help you leverage the power of social media and search engines both of which are avenues for reaching a huge number of customers. The best thing is that you could also segregate your customer base and target a niche group that is interested to know about your products/services because it needs them (and could also afford them). So, to start a promotional campaign, should you build an in-house team or should you hire a one-man freelancer or would it be better to trust upon the expertise of a digital marketing agency? Let us delve deeper and seek the right path.

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Questions that need to be considered

Q. What are the advantages of In-House Digital Marketing?

Full involvement is the answer. Appointing a full-time in-house marketing department for the business means that the team is completely in tune with –

  • The brand’s unique history
  • Vision
  • Updated targets

Also, there are more scopes for–

  • Collaboration with other internal employees
  • Sharing extensive internal business information with the marketing department so that the strategies can be developed and executed accordingly.
  • The team members will have an access to specific knowledge base when executing analytics and inferring business information, which an external agency would not be able to incorporate into its strategy building processes.
  • Faster Progressions- A group that is familiar with a business can promptly react to both internal and external variations. Similarly, some digital marketing aspects need contribution from other branches (sales, IT, etc). An in-house team will have direct access to such information.

Q. So, is In-House Digital Marketing perfect for a business?

No, not perfect. The survey reports would tell a different story!

Most of the in-house digital marketers do not have the appropriate training required to fulfill their responsibilities. In addition, they also don’t keep an updated knowledge of the latest development in the world of digital marketing.

60% businesses admit that their in-house marketing professionals are inefficient. (

Digital marketing needs a certain kind of vision that can only be achieved after years of experience. In addition, digital marketing is a field that is dependent on the contributions from following experts:

  • professional content writers and  copywriters
  • great designer
  • a highly analytical strategy team

Creating such a team for a regular business is a difficult proposition if not an impossible task.

In-house marketers ‘learn on the job’. This usually results in the team members struggling to create an intensive digital approach.

Q. Can freelancers solve this issue?

A freelancer generally emphasizes one particular area of marketing because this is a One-Man Army. One cannot expect a genius digital marketer to be an equally great designer or a professional copy writer. He or she would probably outsource rest of the services to other freelancers who might not have the right business insights. Hence, if you are looking for comprehensive digital marketing solutions, a freelancer is not the answer.

Next comes the commitment issue. Often, freelancers are engaged in regular jobs. They offer freelancing services as they want to have an extra source of earning. Sometimes or other, the freelancers are bound to falter in adhering to the deadline of a project because it is hard to make a space for an extra work after returning back from the office/business.

Continuity is another problem area. Freelancers might work today and might opt out of the project tomorrow. Hence, it is difficult to rely on them with the responsibilities of a long-term project.

A study conducted by Bullhorn discovered that 64% of recruiters describe a lack of able candidates for digital marketing jobs. (

Q. Are Freelancers a viable option?

Ideally, freelancers should be hired for completing minor projects or conducting specific studies regarding market trends. They can save time and money needed to officially hire a specific expert for a short-term assignment.

Q. Is hiring a digital marketing agency the best option?

In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) global market, such agencies offer the most comprehensive solutions in terms of seo services, mobile marketing, analytics, social-media marketing, sponsored advertisements and more, resulting in consistent customer acquisition.

Q. Why are these agencies so much in demand?

Primarily because they are result driven, cost-effective and have stood the tests of time. Outsourcing the work to such agencies costs about half of what it takes to employ an in-house agency. Besides, a team of certified professionals with the knowledge of the latest digital marketing tools and the support of resources collected over a long period of time, always score over the One-Man army of a freelancer.

A digital marketing agency knows exactly how to analyze the important performance pointers of an online marketing strategy and accordingly takes care of the Return on Investment. The agency knows whether multi-channel/ omnichannel/ integrated digital marketing strategy will bring the best result for your business. The information collected by an agency can be effectively utilized to examine, optimize and expand the promotional campaigns.

If increasing the revenue and profit from the online platform remains the primary objective of a business, outsourcing the tasks to an external digital marketing agency that ensures guaranteed ROI is the most viable option.

Several studies have estimated the development of digital marketing in India happening at a rate of 25% to 40% per annum. On an average, an individual digital marketing agency in India is expected to become a lot busier by 2021. If a top digital marketing agency like Webguru Infosystems is provided with the necessary data and information regarding a business, they can help you achieve your business goals. We are talking about a joint effort put up by your organization (in the matters of sharing information) and a digital marketing agency for bringing out ideal results. Proficient digital marketing agencies in India follow international laws regarding the confidentiality of information. Hence, there is hardly any issue concerning the breach of trust. Then, you always have the option to take a legal recourse if any such issue arises. Overall, hiring a digital marketing agency is a good decision.

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