White Label Crypto Exchange Software: Types, Benefits & Cost

by Martin Guptil Content Writer

For a long time now, cryptocurrencies have been causing a stir among investors. According to a recent CoinGecko report, the total cryptocurrency market crossed $3 billion for the first time ever. As more people look for ways to participate in this highly profitable investment opportunity. Cryptocurrency exchange software holds the properties like high-end security, reliability, and efficiency to better meet the investment needs of crypto traders. 

Startups and entrepreneurs around the world are trying to capitalize on this business opportunity by creating their own trading platform. This has resulted in increased demand for white-label crypto exchange software. This blog will discuss the different types of white label crypto exchange software as well as their advantages and development cost.

But, before we begin, let's review the basics.

What is White Label Crypto Exchange Software, and How Does It Work?

The software is pre-built and ready to use for white label crypto exchanges. These include all the essential features and functions of crypto trading software. Since they are based on blockchain technology and smart contacts, white-label solutions are equally reliable and secure.

The advantages of white label crypto exchange software solutions are explained in detail below. But the most important characteristic is their ability to customize to meet specific business needs. You can launch a trading platform with your company logo, unique app interface, color theme, and unique features and functionality using the White Label Exchange software solution.

Here Are Some of The Reasons Why These Software Solutions Are So Popular:

  • These have been pre-built and are ready to use.

  • When compared to scratch development, white-label software solutions are one-third less expensive than scratch development.

  • Despite the fact that they are pre-built, they can be customized to meet specific business needs. Within five to ten weeks, you can launch a crypto exchange software solution with customization.

Right now, the cryptocurrency markets are the most profitable investment. White Label solutions are allowing investors to dip their toes in the lucrative market trend and launch their own cryptocurrency exchange.

Various Types of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

In the market, there are various types of cryptocurrency exchange software solutions. However, cryptocurrency exchanges can be divided into three categories based on how they operate. The following are examples of cryptocurrency exchange software:

  1. Centralized exchanges (CEX)

Centralized exchanges, as the name implies, are managed and controlled by a single entity. All transactions in this cryptocurrency exchange are controlled by a single entity. Binance is a well-known centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. Decentralized exchanges (DEX)

These crypto exchanges work in the opposite direction to the centralized crypto exchanges. Transactions in a decentralized exchange are not controlled, but an automated process. The decentralized exchange is not controlled by a single entity and is based on a peer-to-peer model. dYdX1 is a well-known example of a decentralized exchange.

  1. Hybrid exchanges

Hybrid exchanges, as the name implies, combine decentralized and centralized exchange software. These crypto exchanges combine the best of both worlds by providing low latency and fast transaction speeds. This hybrid exchange not only has a higher level of security than the other two crypto exchanges. Joyce and TRON are two well-known examples of hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software's Top Advantages

In the software development industry, white-label solutions are in high demand right now. This software is a pre-built, ready-to-use solution that can be customized to meet your specific business needs. The top six reasons to prefer white label solutions are listed below.

  1. Cost-Effective And Time Saving

White Label software, as you know, is pre-built and ready-to-use software. As a result, businesses save time by not developing software from the ground up. Even if you are looking for some customization, these applications have been thoroughly tested. Compared to the scratch development process, these are still economical software development solutions.

  1. Test demo

White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions are software that has already been developed. This means you can request a cryptocurrency exchange demo to see how the software works before purchasing it. This way, you can be sure you're getting the right product that meets or can be tailored to your company's needs.

  1. Easily Tailored

While these are ready-made solutions, the biggest advantage of white label crypto exchange software is that it can be easily customized. These software solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. You can change the business logo, theme, and app layout of your crypto exchange software and relaunch it as a completely new solution. All these changes will not cause your cryptocurrency exchange to launch late. Within five to eight weeks, you can launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with white label solutions.

  1. Software That Is Dependable

White Label software solutions are pre-built and thoroughly tested for bugs and errors. These software solutions have not only been bug-tested, but have also been tested for performance, functionality, and usability. This is one of the primary reasons why white label software solutions are trusted and popular. When you choose a ready-made software solution, you can rest assured that you are getting a solid product.

  1. Ready To Launch

The cryptocurrency market is attracting traders and investors from all over the world. In order to find a reliable and secure crypto trading platform, budding entrepreneurs are launching their own trading platforms. These programs are pre-built and ready to use, and with a few changes, you can have your own crypto exchange trading software up and running in just a few weeks. This ready-to-launch crypto trading software is best for those who want to jump into the crypto world.

  1. No Tech Knowledge Required

As you may be aware, these are pre-built and ready-to-use solutions. White label solutions do not require any technical knowledge. However, if you require some software customization to meet your specific business requirements. For specific changes, you'll need the right white label development company.

Cost of Developing White Label Crypto Exchange Software

White label software solutions are preferred because they save one-third on development costs. Whether you're looking for cryptocurrency exchange software or an OpenSea clone, development costs typically range from $20,000 to $30,000 (approx). However, depending on the additional features and customizations you want in your crypto trading platform, the price could go up.

Additional features

  • KYC Integration

  • Anti Money Laundering Integration

  • Payment Integration

  • Cross-Platform Capability

  • Limitless Cash Exchange Pair

  • Market Making

  • Crypto Wallet Integration

  • IEO Integrated Module

  • White Labeling Services

Wapping up

Hope now you know why entrepreneurs are getting more inclined towards an NFT token development company. They have an advantage over others because of their ability to be customized based on specific business needs, costs, and are ready for deployment. Make sure you buy white label crypto trading software from reputable sources. You can launch a bug-free, feature-rich, and highly secure crypto trading platform with the help of reliable white label software.

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