Which Is Reliable Michelin Or Bridgestone

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Comparing the world's largest tyre manufacturers is daunting since they both are the first choice of millions of people. Michelin is the largest and Bridgestone is the 2nd largest tyre manufacturer in the world. However, in 2020, Bridgestone was the largest tyre manufacturer. But for the last 2 years, Michelin is comfortably sitting in 1st position. The sales and turnover decide how big the company is. In 2021, Michelin sold more than 200 million tyres which confirms its 15% of share in the world's tyre market. On the other hand, Bridgestone also sold more than 195 million tyres which confirms its 14.6% of share in the tyre industry in the same year. 

But selling can’t decide what quality of tyres a company offers to numerous cars. No doubt, in terms of quality, Michelin Tyres Shirley is ahead of Bridgestone. But it is important to learn everything about both tyre brands. Maybe Bridgestone is more reliable for your vehicle type or driving needs. 

Michelin (one of the oldest tyre manufacturers that were established in 1889) 

Michelin is the favourite choice for both passenger and commercial vehicle tyres. This is a leading French tyre manufacturer that makes tyres for every vehicle, even jets. Passenger vehicle owners love the company so much because of its incredible grip and handling. The warranty and lifespan of a Michelin tyre are high. Talking about comfort, responsiveness, and cornering, Michelin offers the best. The tyre helps the vehicle by lowering fuel consumption and reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Whether you have an SUV or a high-performance vehicle, either a van or a sedan, Michelin makes tyres for every type of vehicle. 

Bridgestone (the company stays at 1st position for consecutive years, it was established in 1931) 

Bridgestone is also the biggest tyre manufacturer which makes tyres for both passenger and commercial vehicles. It is a Japanese company that exports its tyre to more than 150 countries. This company makes many types or models of tyres in wide ranges of sizes. As a result, the majority of automobiles and other vehicles get the right size of tyre. Bridgestone is also a premium tyre brand like Michelin. Talking about tyre performance it also offers the best driving experience by providing high traction, handling, comfort, etc. 

Michelin vs Bridgestone 

Now, the question is which brand is better. To know that, you should learn about the comparison of both tyre brands. 

In terms of performance: If you compare both brand performance, summer, winter, all season, etc types of tyres, you will find out both brands offer tremendous performance. However, the performance including traction, handling, response, comfort, cornering and stability at high speed depends on the road and season you drive on. In this comparison, both tyre brands get the points. 

In terms of wear rate/durability: some Michelin tyres offer a lower wear rate than Bridgestone and vice versa. Different types of tyres offer different mileage. For instance; Michelin touring tyres can run for 60000-70000 miles. A Michelin tyre can run for 4-9 years. Bridgestone touring tyres can also offer 60000-70000 miles and can run for 4-8 years. In this comparison, both tyre brands get the points. 

In terms of warranty: both tyre brands offer the same warranty period of 5-6 years. However, Michelin is ahead in this case. 

In terms of Noise: Talking about technology, research, testing, and innovation for anti-noise/to reduce road noise, Michelin is ahead of Bridgestone. However, that does not mean that Bridgestone tyres create high road noise. 

In terms of Price: Both are premium tyre brands but Michelin tyres are more costly than Bridgestone. The reason behind this is brand reputation, investing a high amount of money on research and technology and using high-quality rubber and other compositions. Bridgestone is a little cheaper than Michelin. 

So you can see that Michelin Tyres Shirley is the clear winner. However, it is possible that Bridgestone is better for you. Because tyre performance also depends on the type of vehicle or model you have, your driving style, the road and the season you drive.

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