Which Features Makes As Perfect Inventory Management Software

by Daljeet Arora Digital Marketing Specialist

Be it hospital, educational institutes, manufacturing unit or any other business, all have to keep track of assets/raw material ensuring that minimal inventory level is maintained constantly, to avoid discontinuities in the workflow. It sounds impracticable to maintain the register or excels for accomplishing this task. Such an approach to data retention can give a huge margin for error occurrence. Maybe it can do well for small businesses where inventory consumption is acute and non-critical but for others it’s unjustifiable. Let’s take an example of a hospital, what if, inventory is not available at the time of exigency, it can cost the life of a patient.

The smart way of managing store is to deploy best inventory management software that contributes several benefits as listed below:

1- Complete Supply chain visibility

Software Development Services proffers fully optimized online inventory software in India that provides information regarding both inbound and outbound workflow to the whole Production Department, and users can see detailed information regarding the work orders and inventory stock if needed.

2- Quality Management

How to identify the materials that get expire, when there is no use by the date mentioned on it. Cloud-based inventory management system tracks the various issues that occur, though reports and analytics provide guidance regarding the factors impacting quality.

3- Forecasting and planning

Software companies in Delhi develop the product that predicts future capacity requirements of the company. Through the insights provided by the software, you can identify the feasibility of opening several district warehouses located near key customer to upsurge efficiencies and improve service level- the right software can help you make such decisions.

4- Cost Management

Any product sitting on the shelf is a burden that takes you far from your business profitability. By managing your stock requirement at real-time and increasing inventory turns, your trade can make the most out of current shelf space to improve margins.

5- Efficiency and Customer Service

Optimizing your inventory processes can reduce the amount of time to replenish stock, process shipment and serve your customer. All of these efficiency improvements are recognized without sacrificing quality and increasing headcount.

Main Features:

  • Location-based stock and tracking.
  • Inventory and tracking of inventory items including batch items
  • Calculate the cost price by average costing method
  • Inventory and accounting entries are connected to each other
  • Manage Physical bookkeeping and update stocks
  • Relocation of items between stores
  • Items management with Cost details, Batch number and Use by dates.