Which Doctor Should you Visit for Fertility Problems?

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Failure to become pregnant after twelve months or over of frequent, sexual activity without protection is the hallmark of infertility, a disorder of an individual’s sexual organs. Obesity, thyroid problems, and uterine fibroids are just a few examples of female infertility causes. Low sperm counts may be seen in men who are having infertility issues. The likelihood of infertility rises with age and it should be treated in the best IVF clinic in Delhi if you are a resident of the NCR region.


Which fertility specialist is ideal for your infertility problem?

If a couple tries but is unable to conceive after a year, doctors will label them infertile. A quick examination is necessary for women beyond forty years of age. Miscarriage or the inability to carry a kid to birth are not considered to be forms of infertility.

Urologists and Gynecologists are terms that the majority of us are acquainted with. They are the usual doctors we visit to make sure our reproductive health is in good shape. They are merely medical doctors and urologists who have received further training to address problems relating to sexual organs. Specialists refer patients to fertility specialists if they are above the age of 35 and are having trouble conceiving, if they have a background of miscarriage, or if they begin their journey to parenthood with factors associated with or indications of fertility. You may want to visit one of the best IVF doctors in Delhi who may be categorized in the mentioned order.

  • Andrologists: Andrologists are urologists with specialist skills in male fertility. They could work with a fertility endocrinologist or work alone. An andrologist will seek to understand the causes of any low or absent sperm counts to offer the necessary treatment. Additionally, andrologists treat testicular torsion,  erectile dysfunction, undescended testicles and reproductive infections. To collect sperm from the testicles, they also conduct testicular biopsies. Andrologists will be available for consultation in the best fertility centre in Delhi

  • Reproductive endocrinologists: Conventional fertility specialists are thought to be reproductive endocrinologists. Obstetricians and gynaecologists who have further training in treating infertility and fertility disorders can address problems with conception in both sexes. They oversee and perform numerous fertility examinations and procedures, including IVF. Expert endocrinologists will be there to treat you with your infertility problems in the best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR.


  • Reproductive immunologists: Reproductive immunologists are experts with training in both reproductive medicine and immunology as the name suggests. They combine these two fields of study and are consulted in cases of recurring miscarriages, unexplained infertility, or failed IVF cycles. Reproductive immunologists are also recommended for people with auto-immune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Reproductive surgeons: Although reproductive endocrinologists also do surgery, reproductive surgeons are more skilled in this area and may treat patients for conditions unrelated to infertility. They can have received their major training in gynaecology or urology. Surgical treatments performed by reproductive surgeons include the excision of cysts, the surgical treatment of endometriosis, and the removal of fibroids. Specialists in reproductive surgery have training in minimally invasive gynaecological surgery methods such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopy,  and robotic surgery. The best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR hosts some of the most well-reviewed reproductive surgeons who have proven records in curing infertility problems in both men and women.


  • Clinic staff for fertility: A fertility clinic's personnel, which also includes sonographers,  embryologists, other laboratory staff, and nurses with expertise in reproductive medicine, in addition to highly trained doctors, is referred to as the clinic staff.


Finding the ideal reproductive endocrinologist and clinic is the first step once you determine the time is appropriate to seek assistance. Your doctor will start by thoroughly examining both individuals. If you are a resident of the Delhi NCR region, you can consult Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour from the SCI IVF Hospital which is considered the IVF clinic in Delhi NCR.

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