Where to flaunt your Ethnic Kurta?

by Vikram Sharma Textile designer

The occasion for which you intend to wear your ethnic kurta is also important in ensuring that the outfit is a success. Every celebration, from a family gathering to a festival, offers a uniqueness that can be infused with what you choose to wear. This includes the fabric you choose, the colours of your outfit, and all of the traditions associated with how one is expected to dress for the function. Here's a list of all the occasions and events where wearing a kurta with dhoti or south Indian white lungi will be appreciated:


The number of festivals observed by Indians is unrivalled. From the beginning of the year to the end, there are more than a dozen occasions to put on one's best Indian attire. And, regardless of the month, season, or event, a kurta is unquestionably the best and most comfortable option. Festive kurtas are easier to manage and carry than ethnic sherwanis.

Family Functions

A family function is another place to show off your lovely kurta pyjama, or kurta anything. You have more than enough reasons to wear your classiest kurtas and pull it off beautifully at a wedding, an anniversary celebration, a birthday, or any other event that your family celebrates with pomp.

Cultural events

Cultural events celebrating India's beautiful traditions and cultures, as well as celebrations of India's roots, are a few other occasions where wearing a kurta can be a great choice. If you are in the habit of wearing western outfits every day, you can choose one day to be freer and wear an ethnic Indian outfit that allows you to flaunt your roots while also being the most comfortable you can be, and what better choice than a kurta pyjama or a dhoti kurta to do so?

Casual wear

If you enjoy wearing clothing that isn't too constricting and allows you to move freely, selecting a kurta as a casual, everyday wear option is unquestionably a wise choice. Cotton kurtas are more comfortable than shirts and are ideal for summer when sweating profusely is one of the worst things you can do on your way to work. With a kurta to allow your skin to breathe, you will undoubtedly be in a better state when you arrive at your destination than if you were wearing something fitted and restricting.

All of these occasions and more allow you to show off your ethnic kurta without feeling or looking out of place.

How to maintain your kurtas?

If you've decided to stock your closet with kurtas, keeping them in good condition should be a top priority. Nobody wants to see a crushed kurta that has seen better days hanging in their closet. Everything from how to wash the outfit to how to store and wear it correctly plays a role in determining how long your outfit will stay new or look great. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:


The detergent you use to wash the outfit determines whether the fabric will shine brightly when you're finished or if it will run out of colour and sheen. Checking to see what kind of cleaning agent is appropriate for the fabric you've purchased, as well as keeping the embroidery and embellishments in mind, can help you make the right decision.


Before you decide to iron the outfit, make sure you select the appropriate ironing feature (if it is the one with the function to choose the kind of heating needed for the fabric in question). And, when you start ironing, be very careful not to ruin the embellishments and sequins on the outfit.


When it comes to storing your outfits in the closet, many people simply hang the outfit inside without much thought. The best method is to wrap it in a cloth that prevents it from looking old and worn out. When you have something else covering the outfit, the chances of the embroidery or thread snagging are also reduced.

The amount of care taken while wearing the outfit is also important in ensuring that it lasts a long time. If you have a habit of spilling food or beverages while eating or drinking, make sure the kurta you choose is not too pricey.

Mistakes to avoid when purchasing or wearing a kurta

Buying or wearing a kurta necessitates being specific about what you want to buy. However, this also includes avoiding mistakes that can ruin the overall appearance. Some of these are listed below to assist you in making the best decisions:

Don’t overwhelm the look with colours

While we encourage you to choose brighter colours over neutrals, we do not recommend that you oversaturate your outfit with them. If you plan on wearing a brightly coloured kurta over a cotton vest, make sure to compensate and balance out the look by wearing a relatively dark bottom with the kurta.

Don’t choose the wrong fit

Buying or wearing something that is too tight can make you feel uncomfortable while wearing the kurta. Wearing something that is too loose, on the other hand, is bound to make you look terribly ill-dressed. The key is to wear a kurta that is snug but does not restrict your movement. The length of the kurta is also important.

With these and other mistakes avoided, you can be confident that you will make a great impression wherever you go in your lovely kurta!

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