Where To Buy Poufs and Stools and How to Use Them to Enhance the House Interiors

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Poufs and stools are among the trending home accessories that are gaining popularity each day. Now for those of you who are wondering how and where you can accommodate and use this super chic house accessory, here is a quick insight covering all that you need to know about poufs and stools.

Areas of the house that can be looked at to make use of poufs and stools

A pouf is a compact and fun accessory that can be added to places where you need the perfect combination of functionality and style. The dresser area of the house is definitely one such place where one looks for options to add a seat for comfort without blocking much space.

Poufs can be placed here to make your dresser more functional and aesthetically more beautiful with an array of color and prints options available. In case the dresser is a part of the washroom then opt for a stool with legs rather than poufs to avoid getting its fabric wet or damp. Some houses have a separate area or a room dedicated to the divinities and gods for worship and here too one would want to have a compact sitting option.

Many people opt for floor sitting in the prayer room but this time buy pouf and try it as a good substitute or addition for a more restful and pleasant sitting experience. The kitchen and pantry areas can also make use of stools, as it’s easy to place it on the side or tug it under a counter to move around freely when not required. At other times it serves as a nice cushioned seat to sit and do some kitchen work.

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Two other rooms in the house where poufs can be used as a smart and snug accessory are the living room and the kid’s room. The living area is where the family or close friends sit to enjoy tea or just get together to have a chat and so extra seating is always a requirement here. Replace the bulky chairs with stylish poufs to get more seating within the same area. The rich upholstered poufs are perfect to add contrasting color elements to the room decor in a strikingly unique yet plush manner.

For the kid’s room, you can opt for cotton area rugs online or go for beanbags or poufs as comfortable and fun sitting options for carefree playtime. Opt for easy-to-clean material in poufs and beanbags to ensure better hygiene and upkeep of these accessories in the kid’s room.

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Other important things to consider

The size of the pouf that you opt for must be in accordance with the usage. In the kid's room a smaller size would work well as they are going to be used by kids mostly but for places like the prayer room, kitchen, or living area where the same will be used by adults most of the time, opt for relatively bigger sized poufs for more enjoyable and comfortable seating space.

Even the shape of the stool or pouf counts. While the round-shaped ones are easier to put in a corner and have relatively less seating space, the rectangular or square shape will be able to provide a more comfortable seating area for the users. This is primarily because in the round-shaped poufs the extra corners that you get in square or rectangular shape are not present making the sitting area less.

In areas that are prone to getting wet like a dresser close to the washroom or the balcony areas stools with legs should be given a preference over the poufs as their fabric will not catch floor dust or get wet easily.

Options available and places to find poufs

You have plenty of home decor brands like The Rug Republic offering a wide variety of poufs and stools. Take a look at the different, shapes, styles, colors, and patterns they have to offer and you will find yourself with endless variety to choose from. In terms of material options, whether you are a denim fan or want a light and breezy cotton pouf, you are sure to find a piece that will win your heart and satisfy your needs.

Now if you were wondering where to buy poufs, you definitely have your answer sorted with The Rug Republic as your one-stop shop. Their product line even has options that use recycled leather, viscose, hemp, and wool to create unique and exceptionally adorable designs. You can shop online and get your order right at your doorstep as the brand offers easy delivery options and a great online shopping experience.

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For all the lovers of minimalism, poufs and stools are a very chic and fashionable accessory that adds to the charisma and decor of the house. Being affordable and in vogue, this is one home accessory you must explore for yourself and even consider them as gifting ideas for the festivities to come.

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