When Should I Contact a Rehab Center?

by Shalani Singh Health and fitness blogger by profession
It is sad when people lose their free will and are enslaved by little pills and substances-Human kind is better than that. Addiction can initiate from anywhere, your neighborhood, school, college, and even your workplace. Well no matter if it was a peer pleasure or your own will, the result remains the same. 

Drug use is skyrocketing these days, even in our country, the increasing influence of drugs over the young generation is putting our future into the haze. Here are some shocking truths that the country needs to address soon-

•    75 percent of the total youth are deep into the roots of drug addiction in Punjab, fairly it boils down to 3 out of every 4 children abusing drugs

•    Even the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi and facing the ill effects of their malignant lifestyle. Hence, the reason they have so many active rehabs working 

•    Speaking of active rehabs, approximately there are 1000 rehabilitation centers all around the country working to reverse the addiction into a productive lifestyle, though this number is too low than what’s needed 

Some people try to combat their addiction by cutting down on the dosage and applying other DIY remedies but that works for one in a million addicts. What you actually need is a rehab in Delhi which can walk you through the right path to counter addition and miniaturize the possibilities of relapses. 

When should I contact a Rehab-

There are a lot of signs that you can self-asses or people from your family or your friends can sense. If you find yourself in any of these situations then its high time you contact a rehab-

•    Your addiction has stretched to your place of work and is affecting your productivity. This can be self-assessed or someone from your workplace can do this for you as low performance is clearly visible 

•    You get into a fight with a friend or family and had a conversation over your excessive overuse. Now see, your family or friends can easily sense what’s wrong with you and they are the first people who will point it out. At the moment, they might not be the easiest people to deal with but that’s a conversation you need to have

•    You have been thinking to quit but have given up on the idea due to your strong urge. If you cannot refuse the urge, then you probably need help

•    Your addiction has brought some financial or mental stress in your life and the ones you love, then its high time to seek help 

There are a lot of Rehab Centre in India which can offer assistance in such a hateful situation. There are different methods to counter different addictions, also every person is different so their response to treatment would be different as well. There is no universal fix or one time for treatment, harder the addiction longer the time for treatment.

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