What’s Perfect Relationship: Know from the Best Couples Counseling RYE NY

by John Smith John Smith

The definition of having a perfect relationship means to fulfill all the requirements and needs which one strive for but usually fail to achieve. A lot of people claim to be in a distinct relationship that makes them a perfect-looking couple but, I assure you that’s not what anyone can tell as everyone needs different or expect different things from a relationship. No one can tell a hundred percent what we are lacking behind in something because everyone has their requirements to make/feel themselves good about. Some people may argue that there is nothing called “a perfect relationship” and, couples marriage counseling in rye NY, agree to that. Every relationship is supporting if one partner is selfish he or she always wants more and more from the relationship but doesn’t want to give anything no time no affection nothing at all and always feels their partner is not meeting their requirements. 


A perfect relationship only exists based on mutual trust, respect, and flexibility of the person. Trust is the key to any relationship if you can’t trust the person you cannot be in relationship with that person. How can you be with a person whom you are not sure of it whether he is the right person or not for you? Trusting a person make one relationship good and feels like heaven, a trusting relationship give you support and encouragement to do better in life or work. Give you the freedom to flaunt your partner in friends without being jealous or insecure. 


Respect is the soul of the relationship if you can’t respect each other their friends and family then you are not meant to be with him or her. If one partner respects each other they know how to handle each other without offending each other and partners don’t feel they don’t have a fair share in their relationship. A respectful relationship considered to be a healthy relationship as they admire each other and once you admire someone, then they concentrate on positive points even though there are negative points people seem to be don’t give much attention to it. But in other cases when partners don’t have respect for each other, they walk over the other person not consider their feeling or how they are feeling they just use them as they want and its become a toxic relationship which mentally drains the person who is in such a relationship.  


Flexibility is the body of the relationship one should not be stubborn in the relationship as it helps them to progress in their relationship and gets to know what other person requires at one point in time. 


Complimenting each other and each other’s flaws and positive points that’s what makes a good relationship. 


So here goes the saying “opposite attracts each other” sound to be true in relationship. The same interest person won’t go along as they feel bore and stuck and another side if you have a person of different interests then they feel more excited and interested in their relationship, says Best Couples Counseling in RYE NY, 

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