What You Will Know From Dmit Report Counselling?

by TEAM 360 DMIT and Midbrain Activation Company
DMIT Test is one of the best technique to select the best career option for you or your child and change your lifestyle by doing in your best skill. So DMIT Test business or DMIT Franchise in India is a good option to start a career counseling business in your area or city. Contact Team 360 for Midbrain Activation Franchise or DMIT Franchise in India today.

DMIT Report Also Deals With The Followings Aspects:–

1. Strength of Lobes : It is a scientific fact that the human brain is sub-divided in a total of 10 lobes. Right, and Left brain contains 5 lobes each. There are around 12 Billion Neuron cells in a human Brain which are divided among these 10 lobes but are not equally distributed. Some lobes have more neurons than others. It is impossible that any two persons have an exactly identical distribution of neuron cells in their 10 lobes of the brain. It is very important to note that a person will be more inclined to do some of the tasks effectively where particular lobes have more neuron cells and chances of their success will be more. The Cerebrum Cortex of the human brain is divided into 5 sections (lobes). They are:

Frontal Lobe: It is located in front of the brain. It is associated with logical reasoning, motor skills, expressive language, risk-taking capacity, attention, thinking and imagination, socialization, etc.

Prefrontal Lobe: It is covering the front part of the frontal lobe. This part of the brain is responsible for planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making, orchestration of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals, concentration, judgment, problem-solving activity, analysis skill, suitable behavior according to place and time, etc.

Parietal Lobe: It is located in the middle section of the brain. It is concerned with processing tactile sensory information such as pressure, touch, and pain, verbal memory, language, body movement, etc. It also controls the body’s temperature.

Temporal Lobe: It is located in the bottom section of the brain where primary Auditory Cortex is also located which is important for interpreting sounds and language we hear, speech, perception, etc.

Occipital Lobe: It is located at the back portion of the brain. The primary Visual Cortex, which receives and interprets information from the Retina of the eyes is also located in this lobe. It is concerned with interpreting visual stimuli and information such as identifying colors, recognizing displayed words, etc.

2. Personality and Behavior:

Dr. William M. Marston, who passed his L.L.B. and Ph.D. in Psychology, after studying thousands of human behavior and their personalities, He grouped the people in the following four categories:-

Dominant: They are identical to Eagle’s behavior who has its eyes fixed on opportunities and are also stimulated by challenges, decisive, blunt, even often stubborn, insensitive to other’s needs, may lose site of the big picture.

Influence: They are identical to Peacock who is greatly influenced by its environment, love to talk, enjoy being the center of attention, often passionate and enthusiastic, extremely optimistic, not good with details and Time Management.

Steady: They are identical to Dove who is people oriented, loyal, friendly, extremely diligent and hard working and great team players. They tend to avoid conflict, confrontation, large risk-taking and are not really overly assertive. For them, a relationship is more important and takes precedence over everything else including task.

Compliant: They are identical to Owl who is logical, Mathematical and methodical at all times, perfectionist, slow in decision making and rigid if rules and logic say otherwise, not big risk takers but love details.

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