What You Should Know Before You Clone, Marijuana Saplings?

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Cloning marijuana saplings is not an easy process. The process involves growing the same strain over and over again. This is mainly done to maintain a healthy yield. You need to be confident when cloning marijuana saplings.

You can look around for the best Clones Near Me options online or in the local dispensary. You have to ensure that you maintain the right conditions to grow a healthy plant.

Select the right time

It may not be possible for you to grow marijuana plants entire year-round. It is also important to take the clone plant during its first four or five years.

  •  Taking the right sample for cloning is essential
  •  It is important to test the health of the root and the shoot system
  •  Always ensure you select disease-free sapling to clone

You can buy quality clone saplings online from The Clone Conservatory. If the sapling is healthy then you will get a healthy plant.

Avoid using hormones

Many growers feel using rooting hormone is helpful. It is always better to have a sapling that is grown naturally. Using growth hormones may not be advisable.

You can search for Cannabis Clones California dealers who sell naturally grown saplings or seeds. It will always offer the best yield.

Select right medium

Clone saplings have to be grown indoors. You may need to provide the right setup for the clone plants. You can select small pots for the saplings you can also make use of the best quality plugs for the roots.

Moss jiffy plugs are always the better choice for marijuana clone plants. You can purchase quality medium from The Clone Conservatory. They sell everything you may need to grow healthy clone saplings indoors. 

Maintaining perfect temperature

Ideal temperature will always make a big difference. If you need a healthy plant then you need to maintain a consistent temperature. For marijuana clone plants, you may need to maintain the temperature below 68 Deg F.

It is also important to maintain a humidity level that is above seventy percent. If the humidity is less, then the sapling might dry out. You have to maintain the same conditions for thirty-five days. You can visit a nearby Dispensary with clones and collect more details. 

Maintain air circulation

If you have maintained humidity indoors then it is important to purify the air regularly. If the air is not purified then it can lead to mould growth indoors. This can infect the plants. 

You can search for Marijuana Seeds For Sale Los Angeles dealers online. Visit the nearby dispensary and see how air needs to be circulated indoors.

Using blower fans is one of the most effective options you have. If the air is fresh then the molds may not grow. 

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