What you need to know about Yeast Infection Symptoms

by Matthew Short Article
A lot of the symptoms of yeast infections may be associated with other medical conditions - in particular sexually transmitted diseases. It is very important therefore to make sure that you don't in fact have a Sexually transmitted disease before starting treatment for yeast infection.

The more noticeable signs and symptoms in both males and females are soreness, itchiness and quite often a cottage-cheese like discharge which may have a yeasty odour. Both males and females may feel a burning pain when having sexual intercourse.

There can, on the other hand, be much less obvious signs and symptoms of infection that aren't so easily recognized.

In Women the Commonest Signs and Symptoms will Probably Include Things Like:

Irritation and Burning of the Vaginal Area
Among the first and most prevalent vaginal yeast infection symptoms you might encounter is itchiness. This itching is often so intense that it drives you nuts so you find it hard to think of anything else, but it's very important that you don't scratch this itch since this can only add to the irritation and inflammation and may result in the infection spreading. The itchiness could begin as a quite minor irritant, but increase gradually and become extremely uncomfortable.

Swelling and Inflammation of the Skin around the Vaginal Area
The skins around the Vagina, referred to as the vulva could possibly have a degree of swelling and may be itching and grow to be quite sore and sensitive to even the softest touch. Swelling and inflammation is among the primary symptoms and is the effect of your system's reaction to the infection. Rubbing of the inflamed skin will cause chaffing and this in turn will increase inflammation and heighten discomfort.

A Powerful Burning Feeling
Yet another indication that you're being affected by a vaginal yeast infection is a burning sensation all round the vaginal area potentially growing to be unbearably intense while you are urinating or maybe just touching the affected skin. Aside from the painful experience while you are actually urinating, you might find that you feel as if you have to urinate all the time, and continue to keep going to use the bathroom when in reality you don't really need to.

Vaginal Discharge
Chances are you'll encounter cottage cheese like vaginal discharge which will probably be white-coloured and thick and have a yeasty odour. Be aware that the discharge caused by other vaginal bacterial infections should have much more of a fishy odour. The smell can guide you to work out if you really have a yeast infection or not.

Splits in the Skin
A thin "crusting" may form on the skin and there could be painful breaks in the skin and in this crust. These form as a result of intense dryness because the yeast takes up most of the moisture from the surrounding area.

Note that the signs and symptoms of vaginal yeast infection in females may be only mild or extremely unpleasant.

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