What Will Happen When Your Restaurant Grease Trap Is Full?

by Diane Gilbert Diane Gilbert

When you are running a commercial eatery, serving food of excellent taste is not enough. You also need to make sure that the atmosphere of the place is hygienic and right for the guests. So, for that, your restaurant needs a properly functioning grease trap that will keep the FOG (fats, oils and grease) away from your drain and ensure you can maintain the right standard of your eatery.

What are Grease Traps Used For?

Grease traps are generally installed right outside the commercial establishment and underground. It is a chamber made of stainless steel that has two outlets. One outlet lets the grease get in the system and another outlet releases water that goes down the sewer of the city. Grease trap receives grease and solid waste from the water that comes from restaurant sinks, dishwashers and drain. The grease trap is supposed to filter the FOG out of the water so that it doesn’t get mixed in the city drainage system and create hazards for everyone.

There are many companies like Greaseco that offer efficient high quality grease traps in Ireland that you can easily purchase and get installed. The only thing that you will have to take care of after grease trap installation is that you are ensuring that the grease trap is cleaned and maintained regularly. Otherwise, the following problems can happen.

Clogged or Slow Moving Drain

When you are dumping and washing utensils in the sink or dishwasher, you will notice that the water is passing very slowly and sometimes it will not. Also, the pipes inside the kitchen and outside will be clogged with solid layers of waste that contain animal fat, oils, food particles and bones. If you are seeing the clogged drain all the time, then you will have to hire a company for grease trap cleaning service. You surely don’t want the clogged drain to obstruct the passage of water which will eventually happen if the grease trap is not cleaned at the right time.

More Grease in the Tank than How It Should Be

When you are getting a grease trap, you need to know that the grease trap should only have 25% of grease in it. The rest should be water. Only in this way the trap can efficiently filter the grease out of the water so that the water can go down the sewer system while the solid grease remains in the trap later to be cleaned. But if the amount of grease in the trap becomes higher than 25%, then you are at risk. The grease trap will stop functioning effectively, thereby ruining the whole drainage system. As a result, the place will become unhygienic and will emit a foul smell.

Spillage in and Outside Kitchen

When your grease trap is not cleaned regularly and properly, the pressure will increase in the pipes in and outside of the kitchen. As the pipes beneath the sink will be clogged completely, they will start spilling from joints. Also, the pressure will increase which can result in bursting the pipe. Outside of the kitchen, when grease goes in the sewer, it will also create similar hazards. Grease and water will spill from any minor crack or joint and start showing on the ground.

Unhygienic Place with Odor

Eventually, your commercial kitchen will become very unhygienic and will start emitting foul smells. Once it happens, the reputation of your kitchen will be completely ruined. Your staff will not be willing to work in the kitchen anymore. Your customers will not be willing to come and dine at your eatery.

So, now as you know what will happen if the restaurant grease trap is full without being cleaned properly, what are you waiting for? Get an agency that will offer regular cleaning and maintenance of the grease trap.

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