What to Wear in Winter - Coats and Jackets for Women

by Jake T. Consultant

If you are looking for new winter jackets for women while thinking of what to wear in winter, you should try out these top 10 coats and jackets to survive the cold winter. We have rounded up for you these types of coats with each style having its own history. Aside from that, their timeliness makes your winter style take up one notch.

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Top 10 Coats and Jackets for Women to Survive The Cold Winter

Option One: Bomber jacket

A style staple since fashion brands took the street to the runway. A bomber jacket is a great item of clothing if you are the type who likes dressing down with casual winter outfits. This specific jacket is a standalone head turner especially if you are sporting a design made of nice silk or jersey. We suggest buying a bomber jacket that is one size too big to achieve the oversized look that’s so in-fashion right now. If you are in need of a styling tip, try to keep everything simple with a knitted sweater, skinny jeans, and suede boots. 


Option Two: Trench coats

A true English style for a true English coat. The trench coat was created as a substitute for British and French soldiers during the World War One by Burberry founder, Thomas Burberry. Throughout the years, the trench coat has been reconstructed apart from the original double-breasted design since its pioneering time. A trench coat is a great addition to your closet because of its timeliness and can stand the recurring change of trends.


Option Three: Raincoat

It may sound as something a child wears while attending school on a rainy day, but since its invention dating back to ancient China, this waterproof raincoat is the perfect coat if you do not like getting wet. In fashion, the raincoat has been reinvented recently with transparent latex and other colors aside from the usual yellow.


Option Four: Leather Jacket

Just like the trench coat, a leather jacket’s history goes a long way back to the World War One worn by pilots. Today, this design is an automatic style staple to men and women who like a little danger in their lives, at least in terms of personal style. A leather jacket can amp up your style two notches up even if it is not made from real leather. This specific jacket is always a true trendsetter it makes even the simplest shirt look cool. And if you know how to plump lips, it would be an addition to this stylish outfit especially for a music festival or punk party. 


Option Five: Denim Jacket

Some of the early sightings of the denim jacket go back in 1880 by the legendary Levis Strauss and it stamped its street style credibility in the eighties and nighties where denim was the talk of the town. You can pair a denim jacket with denim pants and finish the look with nice loafers for an unexpected twist. While it may pass as a faux pas to some, fashion had been too experimental these day that even the unacceptable of the past are the trends of today.

Option Six: Cashmere Jacket

Luxurious and regal. We have always associated a cashmere jacket with perfection. A cashmere jacket is a soft and durable jacket made to withstand the winter winds. It’s warm, beautiful, and functions perfectly well if you include it in your cold weather outfits. Opt for gray, beige, black, or any colors from the rainbow. There are two ways to make this look yours: the classic route of using monochromatic colors or by inserting color in your life and make your entire look all about the coat. Finish this look with a nice hat and well-tied scarf.

Option Seven: Faux fur jacket

If I think of women who clamors pompous fashion, I always go back to those who enjoy faux fur jackets. They’re made from quality faux material and they are fashionable. Some of the best winter outfits right now include this type of jacket and can change your whole outfit entirely. Think of Rachel Zoe who is obsessed with fur coats and how she exudes the seventies glamor. Then there’s Samantha Jones, a character from the hit HBO television show, Sex and the City, who got thrown with red paint even when she was wearing a fur coat and still managed to look great. The faux fur jacket is the true star in any outfit and you won’t have to try so much to feel glamorous and protected from the cold winter.


Option Eight: Cape

I’ve always had a fascination with capes ever since I saw Little Red Riding Hood even at an early age. It was always beautiful how it hides your entire body but still make a lot of impacts. It is probably the only coat in this selection of women’s winter coats because of its sense of fantasy and unassuming eeriness. It’s how it is crafted that makes the cape a bona fide coat superstar. It has a no-nonsense quality to it that makes the wearer stand out and flowing like chiffon gown crafted with flounces. It doesn’t hug the body but it has sex appeal and a ball of mystery. Go for black or blue for impact.

Option Nine: Quilted Jacket

I associated quilted jacket before with old people until fashion made it in again. With sightings from the recent fashion shows from four fashion capitals, the quilted jacket has been reinvented with a new purpose and that is it include it in your style. A quilted jacket is more of a personal choice since the designs you choose mostly complement your personality. Technically, any type of design can make your look extra special because these quilts can range from flower patterns, Aztec patterns to argyle patterns.


Option Ten: Puffy Jacket

We’re saving the best one for last. The puffy jacket is durability, function, and style all wrapped in one dress. It can be bought as a vest or a bomber jacket and can make you look like the coolest person in the world while wearing it. The style of winter jackets for women can work even when you are dressed up or dressed down.

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