What Things Should Be AVOIDED When Dating at Lesbian Chat Lines?

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Do you rush into relationships just to have a wonderful time with her? Are you worried that even after friendly phone chats and conversations, you still haven't received a call from your date? You might feel the urge to make a few adjustments in your life as you start relationship with the one you recently met on one of the best dating chat lines for women only. You can even feel as though you need to start over. No worries! There are a couple of things that if you avoid in a new relationship with your phone dating partner, you can enjoy a flawless dating experience with her.

Lavender Line Chatline Suggests Things to Avoid in New Relationships

Want to build a loving and lasting bond with your equal-mindset phone date? Following are things that women dating using free trial chat line numbers shouldn’t do in a new relationship:

1. Never Fake Liking Something You Genuinely Detest

Staying loyal to yourself is crucial at all times, even when you're in a new relationship. It doesn't assist you or your relationship if you like something you detest just because your partner likes it. Therefore, don't claim to enjoy it only to get along with her or to influence how they perceive you. It could be from anything to everything such as a rap song, an exotic dish, or an adventurous activity.

2. Never Compare Past and Current Lesbian Relationships 

Because each person is unique, every relationship will be unique as well. You ought to leave your previous relationships alone.

3. Do Not Be Afraid to Request Privacy from Her

Ask for some alone time if you need it! You shouldn't feel pressured to spend time with your partner you met at a phone dating number. Go ahead and spend the day binge-watching your favorite TV show or reading a nice book if that's what you feel like doing. After all, even those who are in relationships require some alone time occasionally.

4. Avoid Criticizing Someone All the Time 

You should never criticize or bring out flaws. What you want to do is capitalize on all of your partner's abilities and positive traits.

5. Continue Spending Time with Your Buddies

Just because you found a compatible partner at one of the dating lines for women only, your bonding with old pals started fading away. Don’t ever do that! This one is now quite significant. Having a new friend is wonderful, but it's crucial to keep your old friends close as well. It can be highly alluring to spend every waking hour with your new partner. However, remember to schedule time for your friends as well. They are the ones who support you through good and bad times.

6. When She Doesn't Call, Don't Wait by the Phone

Keep in mind that you should put yourself first. Make sure you carry on being independent. Being always available is bad.

7. Never Hesitate to Express Your Opinions

Have a point of view on something? Do you have anything you've been dying to say for days? Let your beautiful lesbian dating partner know about it. Describe how you feel about a certain circumstance, experience, or concept. Discuss your feelings; there is nothing to fear. It serves no purpose to keep your partner in the dark. At the beginning of the relationship, the more they learn about you, the better.

8. Keep Your Appearance the Same Even for Lesbian Chat Line Partners

Don't feel pressured to change the way your hair looks if you genuinely enjoy your daily curls but your partner has indicated a preference for pin-straight hair. The same holds for your style of clothes and makeup. At the end of the day, it's crucial to maintain your happiness. There's no use in changing and being unhappy only to please someone. If the bond between you and your phone dating love is genuine, she will appreciate you for who you are.

9. Don’t Share Financial Accounts with Dating Partner

Sharing bank accounts should only occur when you trust her and are completely aware of her ins and outs. Otherwise, what is yours is yours.

10. Expecting your Mate to Read Your Mind is Unrealistic

Always communicate your thoughts to the dating partner you met using the Lavender Line chat line number. Make it obvious to your partner if there is something you require in your relationship. Be cool when expressing your needs, and keep in mind that timing is crucial.

11. Don't Enlist the Help of Too Many of Your Single Friends

Single people typically act differently than those who are in a relationship. Be selective about the sources of your advice. She is your friend. So respect this bonding with her and ask for any kind of help accordingly for your single friends.

12. Don't Ignore a Noticeable Problem

Believe someone when they reveal their identity to you. Don't ignore it if your partner behaves violently. There might be some problems or situations in her life that are bothering her too much. Try to find out about it with her help and talk accordingly.

13. Avoid Lying to Her You Met at One of the Free Chat Lines for Dating 

You used the trial minutes that are offered to all new callers you make phone calls at Lavender Line phone number and found her compatible. If so, that’s cool! You don't want your connection to be based on untrue assumptions. Lies are more difficult to maintain. So, don’t tell any lie to her that can spoil your beautiful relationship with her.

14. Don't Involve Friends & Family in Small Disputes

When you have used a free trial phone chat at one of the dating lines for women daters only, why engage others in small conflicts? It might be challenging to involve friends and family in small disputes. While occasionally getting advice is beneficial, you don't want people to have bad feelings for your partner. You must be able to talk to your partner about a little disagreement anyway.

15. Don't Discuss the Future on the First Phone Call 

Focus on the present moment. When your relationship is just getting started, you don't want to scare your partner away by bringing about plans.


Getting into a beautiful phone dating relationship is a wonderful feeling that every single Lesbian wanted to enjoy. Local chat line numbers with free trial benefits allow finding and meeting women interested in friendships, fun, casual talks, or relationships with females only. Out of many phone dating providers, Lavender Line Lesbian chatline has won the heart of tons of lonely souls owing to its privacy and security features. So, hurry up to dial your local phone dating number and find an ideal match for you. Keep a few basic things in mind that you should not do in your new relationship with a like-minded partner you met via free phone chats.

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