What Should You Know About Skin Cancer Screening?

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If skin cancer is detected in its early stages, it can be cured easily and this is why it is recommended to get regular skin cancer checks at medical centre next to Tweed Heads . You should see a skin check doctor if you spot moles that bleed; have changed in color, shape, or size; have irregular borders; are larger than a quarter-inch in size. You can avoid getting skin cancer by practicing safe sun habits.

If you have not got a skin exam ever until now, it is recommended you get one to discuss whether you require regular checkups or not. You may be recommended to get annual skin exams done if you –
1. Have a history of sunburns.
2. Are an organ transplant recipient.
3. Have numerous moles or atypical moles.
4. Have a history of precancerous skin lesions, melanoma, or other skin cancers.
5. Have used a tanning bed.
6. Receive a lot of sunlight throughout the day due to activities like boating, living in a sunny area, or professions like construction or landscaping.

What To Expect During Skin Cancer Screening?
Your appointment will include a complete examination of your skin from the bottom of your feet to the top of the scalp. The doctor will search for suspicious spots that may be cancerous. The 3 main kinds of skin cancer are –
1. Melanoma
2. Squamous cell carcinoma
3. Basal cell carcinoma

While all of the three types appear to be different, common warning signs include change on the skin, like a visible change in the existing mole or growth, or a new growth on the skin. So, before your appointment at Bulk Bill Skin Check In Gold Coast for pension, concession and DVA card holders please make notes of spots on your skin, which you are concerned about. Then, discuss them with your doctor.

 Your doctor usually has a specific pattern with which they look at your skin systematically. They may use a hand-held magnification tool (a dermatoscope) or bright light to thoroughly examine skin lesions. For making it possible, you should –
1. Remove all makeup.

The examination should take a maximum of 15 minutes if the doctor does not find anything suspicious.

What If The Doctor Finds Something?
If the doctor finds a spot that may be precancerous or cancerous they may perform a skin biopsy. The doctor, during the procedure, would remove a tiny amount of skin tissues to be checked under a microscope by the pathologist.

This procedure is simple and can be done in the office at that moment. They will clean the skin area where the spot is present, numb it using anesthesia, and then take out a sample of your skin using a scalpel or blade. Apart from the injection’s pinch, you should not feel any pain.

Your sample will then be sent to the laboratory for testing and the doctor will share the results when they are available. It could take up to a week for the results to arrive. If the spot is cancerous, it would be removed completely or treated using other methods.

The Bottom Line
Skin cancer may not be a dangerous disease if it is detected in time. You must see a skin check doctor if you notice large, irregular, evolving, or bleeding moles or if you have any concerns.

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