What Role Does an NGO Play in Child Education?

by Orhcw India Marketing

In today’s era, education is the basic right every child must have. But unfortunately, this fundamental right still millions of children can’t avail due to numerous social, economic as well as cultural barriers. So, here NGOs working for child education come into play. Before starting with anything, let's know a little bit about NGOs. They are simply private organizations operating independently from the government as well as working on a not-for-profit basis. These organizations are founded to promote a specific cause or just to address social or environmental issues. 

Importance of NGOs

There are number of NGOs for children’s education that have already taken up the complete responsibility of educating children, especially for the underprivileged as well as poor ones. They give the exposure as well as the chance of quality education to poor children and also help them to grow in every way. 

Here we have jotted down the main objectives of Orhcw - Organisation for Rehabilitation of Handicapped Children and Women for child education in India:

§  Increasing the enrolment numbers in schools

§  Improve learning skills in schools as well as communities

§  Provide complete education to children with special needs

§  Make education available to those who can’t attend proper schools due to reasons such as poverty, health issues, proximity distance, and so on. 

The main aim on which majority of NGOs work is making education important for all as it will help child lead a better future. 

NGOs in Education Sector

NGOs work primarily towards social welfare and in the sector of education, they work towards enhancing access to education, addressing problems associated with education and promoting quality education. Even, they collaborate with the government and various other stakeholders to accomplish their goals. 

Improving Access to Education

In education sector, the major role of NGOs is improving access to education. They make sure that children from marginalized communities particularly those residing in rural areas have complete access to education. They set up schools too in such areas and give education free of cost along with other important resources to students. 

Promoting Quality Education

Another role NGOs play in education is promoting quality education. They work towards enhancing the education quality in schools by giving teacher training, improving infrastructure as well as developing teaching materials. Even they work towards promoting complete education and making sure that every child receives a quality education. 

Addressing Issues Related to Education

NGOs also play an imperative role in addressing problems related to education as they work towards enhancing the education results of students by dealing with problems like low enrolment, poor academic performance, elevated dropout rates and so on. 

In addition to this, they work towards promoting girl’s education and guaranteeing that they have complete and equal rights to education. 

Community Engagement

NGOs engage with different local communities so as to raise awareness regarding the education importance. They conduct workshops, awareness programs, outreach programs etc. to inspire parents so as to support their child’s education. 

Child Protection

NGOs incorporate different measures for child protection into education programs. This incorporates efforts in preventing child labour, and exploitation, ensuring that all children are safe while pursuing their education. 

Scholarship and Financial Support Programs

Many NGOs run different scholarship programs that are aimed at providing financial support to students experiencing economic disadvantages. So, these scholarships cover expenses like school fees, uniforms as well as other associated expenses thereby making education accessible to all. 

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Wrap Up

The role NGOs working for education play in a country like India is simply undeniable. NGOs make sure that no child in the country is left behind when it’s a matter of education. NGOs have played an imperative role in enhancing the enrolment rates of children in schools particularly those coming from marginalized as well as other underprivileged communities. NGOs are working hard for the improvement of the education system along with raising awareness about the education importance. 


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