What Programming Language should be learnt?

by Nitesh Singh SEO Analyst
One of the commonly asked questions we hear from individuals who wish to join the IT industry is, "What programming languages am I required to know? While this questions is very tricky but answer to this question depends on the field the individual plans to join. Those already a part of the IT industry would very well know that the greatest skill one can have is being a jack-of-all-trades. A good worker is one who can easily switch between the computer programming jobs with a minimum training, all thanks to the wide knowledge of the multiple programming languages, and one should typically learn "As many languages as you can learn." Listed below are some of the critical computer programming languages a person who wants to be a part of the IT should ideally be aware of. 


PHP is known as a server-side language which permits for the interactive web pages. PHP was designed to use tags, and can be easily merged with the basic HTML of a page. This sounds very similar to a JavaScript, however the main difference is that JavaScript works only on the client-side. There are numerous occasions where having the interaction go through the server is desirable, and PHP outshines the others here. PHP works well with Java, thus makes it easier to call the Java methods appearing trendy your code. PHP when combined with its compatibility with many types of databases, therefore PHP should be a part of every programmer's arsenal.

If you want to learn any one language learn C++. C and C++ ate the two languages which are known as the old classics which are still widely in use even today. C was initially developed in the 1970's and meant for usage in systems programming. However because of its efficiency and versatility, it soon became well known for consumer software.

C++ was originally designed as an expansion to C in the year 1983. This is now known as one of the most popular of programming languages, and is being used for almost every application. C++ is known as one of the best developed and powerful programming languages in use and is very important for the IT workers. 


Java is quite similar in many ways to a JavaScript, however it is unrelated. Java is an object-oriented language which offers many uses, and it has been designed for being both stable and intuitive. Java's versatility and widespread usage and therefore its very handy for developers and it’s very tough to not a successful programmer who does not know JAVA. 

Java is generally visible in web applets, where it can run more advanced GUI's than the typical JavaScript. Quite a lot of online games function through Java. This is not a very fast or powerful language, however one can do a lot of work using JAVA across various machines and operating systems at a global level and due to this JAVA is a programming language every IT worker should ideally be aware of. 

How to Learn Programming Languages

The languages above are sufficient to begin with in the IT industry, however there are a few more that one can come across. Python, Ruby and Perl are some of the commonly used in advanced projects, and they are worth investing in. Some specific assignments may entail any one of the many programming languages.

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