What Passengers Need to: Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations Policy

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In the event of a last-minute cancellation, passengers are always worried about the cancellation process and how long it takes to cancel. Southwest Airlines offers flexible cancellation policies. Southwest 24-Hour Cancellation Policy is easy to understand and costs nothing. They are one of those airlines that prioritize their customers

Southwest Airlines' Cancellation Policy will be explained in this post.

Southwest Airlines' Cancellation Policy: What Does It Mean?

The Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their flight without penalty any time before departure. It is, however, possible to receive a full refund minus a $75 administrative fee if you cancel after 24 hours and no one else offers to take your seat. If another person takes your seat, you will receive a full refund minus a $150 cancellation fee.

Here are some highlights from Southwest Airlines' cancellation policy

Southwest passengers should be aware of these cancellation rules before cancelling Southwest 24 hours before their departure. Here are some highlights from Southwest's Cancellation Policy:

Southwest Airlines offers three types of fares: Wanna Get Away, Business Select, and Anytime. Wanna Get Away tickets can be used but not refundable if you cancel a flight. The Business Select and Anytime fares, on the other hand, are fully refundable and reusable.

A Southwest ticket can be used for up to one year after it has been purchased.

Southwest Airlines requires cancellations to take place 10 minutes before the departure time. All flight fares are refundable and reusable after the cancellation process is completed.

The refund will be issued in the original payment or travel funds in the case of Business Select and Anytime fares.

The remaining balance will get credited back to the original account if a passenger booked their ticket with points. All other taxes and fees will qualify for a Southwest flight cancellation refund.

Cancellation policy for Southwest: 24 hours

Southwest's 24-Hour Cancellation Policy allows you to cancel any ticket-even a non-refundable Wanna Get Away ticket-within 24 hours of booking.

The ticket can be cancelled online via, via the app, or by phone. You can receive a refund to your original form of payment or convert the value of the ticket to Travel Funds.

In addition, Southwest Gift Cards or LUV Vouchers can also be cancelled within 24 hours of booking, but only when you contact Southwest Customer Relations.

Cancellations for different types of Southwest tickets 

As a budget airline with many flexible options, Southwest is undoubtedly budget-friendly. In addition to being a budget airline, it has oriented a four-tier ticketing system and flexible boarding options to accommodate flyers' budgetary concerns. Among Southwest Airlines' four fares are Wanna Get Away Plus, Wanna Get Away, Business Select, and Anytime. All Southwest flight cancellation policies differ between the four fares. Here is a breakdown of Southwest's cancellation policy for different fares.

1 - Cancellation policy for Wanna Get Away Plus and Wanna Get Away

Most travellers book the Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away tickets for their personal travel. Southwest Airlines' cancellation policy is moderately unyielding in comparison to other fare types. As a result, you cannot request a full refund when a customer cancels their ticket (Wanna Get Away/Wanna Get Away Plus). The total cost of the ticket will be stored as Southwest travel credit. Instead, save them for future use.

2 - Cancellation policy for Business Select and Anytime tickets issued by Southwest Airlines

Southwest cancelling policies are more extensive for Business Select and Anytime tickets than Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus tickets. These tickets are also more expensive than other fare options. If your original flight is changed, your ticket will become non-refundable if you cancel your Anytime/Business Select ticket. You will receive a full refund if your original flight is changed. Southwest Airlines does not issue refunds in the event of cancellations.

What you need to know about Southwest flight cancellations due to severe weather, death, and illness

It is now essential for people to travel by air, offering convenience and speed. Southwest flight cancellations can sometimes cause passengers inconvenience and stress due to unexpected circumstances. In this article, we will examine the reasons behind Southwest flight cancellations. A severe weather event, death, or illness will be discussed, along with what to do.

1. Getting to know Southwest Airlines' cancellation policy

We should take a moment to understand Southwest Airlines' cancellation policy before we discuss specific cases such as severe weather, death, or illness. Southwest Airlines is known for its flexible and customer-friendly cancellation policies. It is not uncommon for Southwest Airlines to charge exorbitant cancellation fees for changes or cancellations, as long as certain conditions are met.

2. Cancellations of flights due to severe weather

The weather can pose significant challenges to airlines, including Southwest Airlines. Flight operations can be affected by thunderstorms, hurricanes, heavy snow, and other extreme weather events, resulting in cancellations or delays to ensure passengers' and crew's safety. It's important to understand that the airline's primary concern is passenger safety, even though these cancellations can be frustrating.

Southwest keeps an eye on weather forecasts and tries to notify passengers proactively about potential disruptions to minimize inconvenience caused by weather-related cancellations. When your flight is cancelled due to severe weather, the airline usually offers rebooking options or a refund for any unused tickets.

3. Deaths or illness that cause flight cancellations

The loss of a passenger or the death of a family member can result in flight cancellations in some unfortunate circumstances. These situations are distressing for all parties involved. Southwest Airlines shows empathy and understanding towards passengers who are experiencing these circumstances.

In case of death or illness, Southwest Airlines' customer service can assist you as soon as possible should you need to cancel or reschedule your flight. With compassion and care, they will guide you through the process of rebooking your ticket or refunding it with dedicated teams to assist passengers in such sensitive situations.

4. Passengers' rights when there is a flight cancellation

The law protects passengers' rights, regardless of the reason for flight cancellations. The Southwest Airlines, like all reputable airlines, complies with these regulations and ensures passengers' rights are upheld when faced with unforeseen flight disruptions. Understanding these rights can help you feel more confident.

In the event that your flight is cancelled, you can:

  • Refunds or rebookings are available if you do not use the entire portion of your ticket.
  • During long delays caused by the airline, be provided with essential amenities such as food and drinks.

5. Passengers' Tips for Coping with Flight Cancellations

The following tips can help you deal more smoothly with flight cancellations:

A. Stay informed.

The Southwest website, mobile app, or customer service channels will keep you informed about your flight's status. Airlines often provide real-time updates about cancellations and delays, which allow you to plan accordingly.

B. Have a contingency plan.

Book flexible accommodations or purchase travel insurance to cover trip interruptions if you plan to travel in a time-sensitive manner.

C. Be patient and courteous.

When dealing with flight cancellations, keep in mind that airline staff are striving to help you. Being patient and courteous can help you receive better customer service.

D. Know Your Compensation Options

Depending on the cause of the cancellation and the length of the delay, you may be eligible for additional compensation. Learn the airline's compensation policies.

Cancellation policy for Southwest flights that are non-refundable

According to Southwest Airlines' Cancellation Policy, your non-refundable tickets qualify for 100% travel credit on cancellation since they are reusable. However, there are also other guidelines, including:

  • In the event that a passenger cancels a non-refundable reservation during the 24-hour risk-free period, the refund amount will be refunded to the original source of payment instead of travel credits.
  • Passengers can also choose travel credits, but these will only be valid for one year.
  • If a passenger cancels the ticket after 24 hours, he will only receive travel credits since the ticket itself is reusable.
  • In any case, you must notify the airline at least 10 minutes before the flight departs.
  • Tickets for Wanna Get Away and Wanna Get Away Plus are non-refundable.

Refundable Southwest Flight Tickets Cancellation Policy

In addition, refundable tickets have a cancellation policy. The passenger can cancel the ticket at any time for a full refund. Additionally, they can choose to receive future travel credits or the original payment method. For these tickets, you do not need to request a refund separately. The only restriction is that you must cancel the flight at least 10 minutes before departure. Business select and Anytime are both refundable fares.

Cancellation policy for reusable tickets on Southwest flights

No matter what fare you choose, Southwest Airlines will automatically issue reusable tickets. In a way, any Southwest Airlines ticket is reused. A reusable ticket provides the traveler with future travel credits when cancelled. You won't lose money after you cancel any Southwest Airlines flight.

Passengers can cancel any flight with Southwest Airlines and still receive travel credits. Even if the passenger cancels a flight with 10 minutes before departure, the airlines still allow him to use his credits, even if he does not qualify for a refund.

Fly Southwest? Here's how to cancel your flight

If you need to cancel a flight ticket because of a sudden change in your travel plans, an emergency, or any other unforeseen circumstance, it can be a difficult but often necessary process. You can, however, cancel a Southwest Airlines flight ticket in an easy and straightforward manner. We will walk you through the steps for canceling your Southwest flight ticket in this article, ensuring you have a smooth experience should the need arise.

1. Cancellation process online

Through its official website, Southwest Airlines offers its passengers the convenience of cancelling their flight tickets online. To begin the cancellation process, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Southwest Airlines' website

Go to the Southwest Airlines website (

Step 2: Log In to Your Account

If you don't already have an account, you can easily create one on the Southwest Airlines website using your email address and password.

Step 3: Access "Manage Reservations"

Upon logging in, navigate to the "Manage Reservations" section to view your booked flights.

Step 4: Select the flight you wish to cancel.

Click on the flight you wish to cancel to view its details.

Step 5: Begin the cancellation process.

On the flight details page, you'll find an option for "Cancel Flight." Click this to initiate the cancellation process.

Step 6: Follow the instructions.

As part of the cancellation process, you will be guided through the remaining steps, including confirming that you would like to cancel, and selecting a reason for cancellation. Make sure that you read the prompts carefully in order to complete the cancellation.

2. Customer Service-based cancellations

Alternatively, you can cancel your Southwest flight ticket by contacting their customer service if you experience any issues with the online cancellation process. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Gather the Booking Details

Be sure to have all the information about your booking available before you contact customer service.

Step 2: Dial the Southwest Customer Service Number

Visit Southwest Airlines' official website to find their customer service number. Call the number and wait for a representative to assist you.

Step 3: Inform the representative.

Provide the customer service representative with all of the necessary booking information to verify your identity and cancellation request.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions

Follow the customer service representative's instructions carefully to complete the cancellation process. The representative may ask for additional information if necessary.

What you need to know about changing or rebooking your Southwest Airlines flight

It's easy to change your flight reservation with Southwest Airlines: no change fee. You can change your flight as many times as you want, but you'll have to pay the difference if your new flight is more expensive than the original one. If you're booking a last-minute flight, that can be a steep price.

If you need to change your Southwest flight, call the reservations department or check your flight online or on the app using your confirmation number.

It's not enough to reschedule your flight to a new time. You have to have an available seat on another flight, which proved problematic during the Great Southwest Meltdown in 2022. Southwest was willing to offer new flights free of charge to customers, but the few planes that were taking off did not have enough seats, causing travellers to wait up to a week before reaching their destination.

How to get a refund on Southwest Airlines

When Southwest Airlines cancels a flight, you can get a refund depending on the type of ticket you bought and whether it was purchased with cash or Rapid Rewards points. Also, some flight add-ons, such as EarlyBird boarding, are nonrefundable. The amount you paid for Early Bird boarding will not be refunded if you cancel the flight.

When booking flights with cash

If you cancel a Wanna Get Away ticket, Southwest will only give you travel funds. The new Wanna Get Away plus ticket is the same.

A Southwest Anytime or Business Select ticket is your best option if you'd like to get your money back in the original form of payment rather than as a travel voucher.

Cancellation fee for Southwest Airlines

When a passenger cancels a flight before it is scheduled to depart, a fee may be charged as a cancellation fee. There are several factors that determine Southwest's cancellation fee, including fare, booking class, time of cancellation, and other factors. Southwest charges no cancellation fee, while other airlines charge $200 or more.

Knowing Southwest Airlines reservation policy is essential if you frequently fly Southwest Airlines. If you understand flight reservation regulations and constraints, you will be able to get amazing deals.

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