What Online Casino Games are the Most Profitable

by Carolin Petterson writer

Online casino games can be a lot of fun and that’s why most players tend to try them out. However, they can also be quite profitable if you know how to play and how to choose the best game with that goal in mind. 

It’s important to note that there’s a lot of variables to take into account. Not all casinos have the same payouts and the same house edge. At the same time, not all players are the same and some tend to be more cautious in their strategies while others risk more.

How to Decide?

The first thing to consider is how high the wager limit is. Simply put the more you’re able to wager on a bet the more you can win in the short run at least. At the same time, the opposite is true as well, and the more you bet the more you can lose. 

This isn’t only a decision based on how much the casino will allow you to bet, but also how deep your pockets are. 

It’s also important to find out how big the RTP is. This stands for return to player and that’s the amount the developer will keep public. When you see that the game has a 95 percent RTP it doesn’t mean you’ll always get that amount, but the person that wins will.

Knowing How the Games Work

A player needs to know how the games work and what amount of skill is involved. There are a lot of games that are somewhat based on luck and chance and a lot of them that will require a skilled and experienced player. There’s usually a bigger return when it comes to the latter ones. However, it also takes more time and effort to obtain such skills. 

Poker is probably the most important exception to this division since it’s a gambling game that can be beaten with skills only and with the right set of skills you can win regardless of how much bad luck you got. 

Another useful metric to take into account is variance. It refers to how likely the game is to pay out in any given spin and how much many can be won at once. This is a matter of choice between having big payouts and having your payouts quickly. Both have the merit of their own.

Let’s take a look at how some of the games offered by Casino Horse and how much you can profit from them: 


Blackjack is known as a game that has a low house edge. That’s often the case with the games that are more about skills than about luck. An experienced player usually forms a strategy that guides their games and that allows them to get past a bad hand that they were dealt. 

In some cases, the house has an edge of about 1 percent but with a good strategy that can be decreased down to 0.17 percent. That still means that the house has some advantage over the players but it’s a small one. 

The best thing for a new player to do is to come up with a strategy that they will use and stick to it when playing. Many believe that strategies are all about counting cards but they can be much more complex than that.


Roulette is often seen as a game of chance and there’s some truth to it since a lot about the game is random. That’s why the player needs to create a betting system since that’s the only part of the game that’s under their control. 

The most common strategies out there are known as progressive betting strategies where you increase the amount you’re betting with each turn. That way you get to win back what you’ve lost so far every time you win. However, the downside of such strategies is that they are limited by your budget.

Another way to accomplish the same goal is to do the opposite. This means you won’t increase the bet every time you lose, but instead, you increase the bet every time you will. The principle is the same so that you only lose what you’ve already gained.

Live Texas Hold’em Poker

Online casinos are trying to mimic the look and feel of the traditional games and this works best when it comes to poker. It’s one of the most popular games out there and it can be equally interesting to newbies and experienced players. Obviously, not while making bets of the same size. 

The game will require you to increase your bets progressively giving you chance to easily recover after a bad streak and to keep winning more as time goes by and as you get more into the game. There’s also a lot of opportunities to devise a strategy of your own. 

It’s best to play fewer hands but to play them aggressively. Don’t hesitate to fold when you have a bad hand. Make sure that the cards you’re having are dictating whether you bluff or not, rather than bluffing all the time. A lot can be gained by following what other players are doing and being aggressive when they show weakness in their betting strategies. 

To Sum Things Up

Online casino games can be quite profitable if you play them right. It’s important to choose a game that you can influence the most, meaning that it can’t be based on luck alone. At the same time, you’ll need to devise a strategy about how you bet and how you actually play the game. 

Blackjack, Texas Hold’em poker, and roulette are the most common and best-suited games to make a profit. You must know how the games are played and how to lower the edge that the house has over the players by design. In the end, don’t forget to take your budget into the account as well. 

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