What Ocean Survey Equipment Do You Need For Your Next Expedition?

by Ocean E. Blogger

Ocean Survey Equipment, a CTD & sonar winch, and an ROV (submarine) are needed when planning your oceanographic research. You can custom order all the survey gear that is required for your latest trip, and you should make sure that you have talked to a professional who knows how to make and set up this equipment. You can order anything that is required, and it can all be built to your specifications. Each of the amazing oceanographic items listed below can be made for you so that you turn up at the docks, assemble your crew, and get your survey started.

What Is CTD?

The conductivity, temperature, and depth array that is built for your survey will sit on a large frame that allows all the instruments to sit apart from one another. You can take all your measurements from the array, and it will be connected to your winch using a special cable that transmits your measurement information. The array might have more sensors on it, and you could request a larger array if you have many measurements to take.

You are also free to order different arrays that will all use different sensors. Some of the sensors might be used for one experiment while other sensors will be used for another. You can order an array that is set up on a collapsible frame that you could take with you if you have bought the whole thing. If you have rented the array, you can take your personal instruments off the array before returning it to the rental company.

You Need An ROV

The ROV is the submarine that you will send below the surface of the water with the cameras and lights that will show you what is down there. The submarine is not piloted by a real person who is in the craft. You get to pilot the device from the boat with a remote control that is paired with the cameras that you use. You can see where the craft is going, or you can use sensors to detect where the vessel is traveling.

What About CTD & Sonar Winches?

The CTD & Sonar Winches, acoustic releases are used to take measurements, detect items under the surface of the ocean, and plot maps of the places where you are studying. The sonar beacons can be left under the water as they are attached to your winch, and they can be pulled back at any time. You can use the same cable to connect all the devices, and you can use the cable to collect all your data. The sonar beacons can be repaired, changed, or tested by bringing them back to the vessel at any time.

Rent Or Buy?

You can rent the equipment that is needed for your tests because you only plan to use those items for a short period of time. There are many rentals that you can get a couple of days, and you do not need to spend extra money to buy the gear if you do not want to. You can be mindful of your budget while still completing accurate scientific work that will make you look great. All you need to do is find a partner who will help you with the acquisition of these devices.

You can order new underwater survey gear at any time, and you can work with a partner who helps you send instruments below the water, helps you rent for less money or sells you need items that are appropriate for all your future surveys.

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