What Makes us Great?

by Keymam Locksmith Keymam is a Locksmith Company in China

Since the dawn of time, mankind has dwelled on its expertise on every possible aspect which could further their existence. Tool making was one such aspect. If you think about it you would be amazed. The feats we have accomplished, the lengths that we have come so far, the heights we have reached, the greatness of mankind, everything we have ever done, we owe it all to our minds. The knowledge that has been accumulated, incorporated, applied and passed down the ages is just staggering.

I don’t know why I say it over and over again, but just think. Why and how are we different from the other creatures we so easily dominate? The prime reason which I think is because they accomplish everything based on their physical, and very rarely intellectual (and it all includes just surviving) being. Whereas we, the Homo sapiens, we are not as gigantic as the buildings we make. But our visions are. We have no wings and yet we fly, because our minds did. Our brains are sharper than the supercomputers, the supersonic jets, the bullet trains we have ever made.

 Look around and be proud of the ever so simple things you fail to acknowledge just because they are now common. The ability to apply things we have learnt through observations, to use simple results to solve complicated problems, it is just uncanny. Kind of like our super powers. Our abilities are no less than superpowers, if you think about it. It’s just that everyone else is also a superhero. We started off with as primitive tools as stone, fire and wheel, and now, I’ll just leave it to your wildest imaginations as to where we are now.

Its human nature, to always keep on advancing, evolves. To create these marvels was brilliance, of which I have already gone on for enough space, but to use them is our responsibility. And using improper tools for haywire results is disrespect to these geniuses. So now, whenever you use a hammer on a screw, there would be Archimedes, turning in his grave.

These tools are a mode of convenience. Let them be. Whenever there is a heavy load that is lifted by hands, there is an air wedge going ignored. Whenever a paperclip is employed in prying a lock open, there is a locksmith tool crying. Why would you do that? To them, to yourself? To save you of this ignorance, and as a sign of respect to the tool community, we bring to you, the most undeservingly uncommon range of tools. The winbag air wedge is one such example. Simple, convenient, effective. There are a lot of things that need prying. Locks for example. When you have lost the key and ‘Aloha mora’ doesn’t work, try the exclusive locksmith tools from Log onto our website for more information and unappreciated tools. Feel free to contact us via the website. And we will listen to every suggestion you have to offer.

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