What makes TIG welding popular over other welding techniques?

by Longevity Inc Industrial Mechanical
TIG stands for Gas Tungsten Arc welding (GTAW), and is used to join the metals by a heat producing arc between a tungsten electrode and the work piece. It makes use of a non-consumable tungsten electrode that provides electric current to the welding arc. A shielding gas is used that works with or without the filler metal. This welding procedure is almost similar to that of oxy-acetylene welding process where a filler material is used for build-up. The way the arc is created and the filer metal is added makes this welding process different from others. 

This manual welding process requires the welding technician to make use of both the hands to weld. During the process, one hand is used to hold the torch that produces arc and the other hand is used to add the filler metal to the weld joint. It is the most difficult welding process to learn but at the same time the most versatile of all and can easily weld a variety of metals. This technique is used when critical, smaller and precise welds are needed. TIG welding technique is little slow but can produce highest quality welds. 

You can buy high quality TIG welders from a leading manufacturer and supplier like Longevity-inc. With Longevity welding equipment, you will experience a new way of welding with their innovative TIG machines that enable pulse controls, frequency controls, gas controls, and various other features for a fraction of the price their competitors charge.       

The primary variables in TIG welding techniques include:   

• Arc length
• Travel speed
• Welding current 
• Shielding gas 

Why TIG welding technique is used?

• It produces superior quality welds and can weld almost all types of metals
• As the application requires, it can be used with the filler or without the filler metal
• Doesn’t produces spatter and it is a major problem with other welding techniques
• Used for inexpensive autogenous welds with good penetration
• Also, gives excellent control for root pass weld penetration
• Gives the welding professional, separate control for the heat input and for the addition of the filler metal 

How TIG welding is different from another popular welding technique, MIG?

• TIG stands for tungsten inert gas welding technique whereas MIG stands for metal inert gas welding.
• In TIG, tungsten rod is used as electrode and in MIG welding, metal rod is used as electrode and the work piece is used as the another electrode.
• TIG is gas shielded tungsten arc welding and MIG is gas shielded metal arc welding.
• In TIG, welding rods are used that are slow feeding whereas in MIG, the continuous feed electrode wire is used that are fast feeding.
• TIG uses non consumable tungsten electrode and in MIG, a consumable metallic electrode is utilized. 
• In TIG, for protecting the welded area from the environmental contaminants a gas is used and in MIG, the welded area is flooded with a gas that doesn’t combine with the metal.
• TIG can work with both AC and DC while MIG works on DC with reverse polarity.
• TIG can work with or without the filler metal and on the other hand a filler metal is compulsorily used in MIG welding process. 
• TIG is a slow process but can produce more accurate welds whereas MIG is a faster technique.
• TIG can weld metals up to a thickness of 5 mm and MIG can weld metals up to a thickness of 40 mm. 
• TIG can weld metals of almost all kinds such as steel, aluminum and other exotic alloys and on the other hand MIG process is used to weld non-ferrous metals and sometimes also steel. 

Buy high quality and durable welding equipment from a reputed manufacturing company like Longevity-inc. Their TIG welders are portable, powerful, and feature inverter technology with the use of IGBT chipsets. All of their welders are dust tested, water proof tested against corrosion, vibration tested, and drop tested to insure that you have some of the most rugged equipment possible. These welders are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry enabling their customers to feel confident that their investment will last. Longevity also offers several resources to improve your TIG welding skills including online training videos, welding calculators, tech support, and a welding forum which contains thousands of welding enthusiasts and professionals.

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