What Makes React Native Future of Hybrid App Development

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For businesses who are considering mobile app development, it is an important consideration to choose whether to develop it on the iOS or Android platform. While the former provides customers with a better user experience, the latter offers seamless advantages of being faster to deploy and for keeping the development costs low. The ideal development blends the benefits of dominant platforms with shorter development cycles, quicker time towards deploy and superior app performance.

Facebook-backed React Native first arrived on the scene in 2012 and has been, since then, a growing point of discussion in the community. This is because some of the biggest apps in the world, including Facebook, have been built using React Native. If you are wondering how such a relatively new programming tool can become so popular so quickly, here is a look at some of its key benefits.
    1. Hot reload: As any developer will tell you, the ability to instantly see the changes they make to an app is highly valuable. React Native offers precisely that ability, via the hot reload functionality which allows programmers to immediately see the changes in the app albeit in a virtual environment and not the live app. This helps developers offer and receive instant feedback, save time, and so much more.
    2. Top-notch community support: This framework enjoys a sizable and enthusiastic community of developers and experts across the globe. To the layman such support may not mean anything, but a developer knows just how vital community support is for not only assistance in tricky projects but also the database of resources such as tutorials, libraries, etc.
    3. Cost and time savings: The ability to build apps for not individual OS platforms but a wide array of platforms quickly translates into humongous savings of not only time and efforts but also of costs. This is because one code can be used for the OS platforms the company intends to target, which means instead of investing time and money to develop individual apps for each platform, companies can work on building just the one app that can run on all these platforms.

Let us also take a look at some of the key reasons why React Native is hailed as the future of hybrid app development.
    1. Open-source: It is an open-source framework, which means developers can easily use React Native to develop a wide variety of apps for different platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc.
    2. Offers high-quality user experience: With React Native, programmers gain the ability to put together apps that are quick and responsive while also assuring the delivery of a consistently high-quality user experience. This is because of the focus this framework puts on UI design and the ability to help cut download time even when the app involves the use of heavy graphics, animations, etc.
    3. Third-party plug-ins: In order to help ensure developers are not limited in their ability to fortify their app’s performance and features, React Native enables integration with third-party plug-ins. It not only allows developers to greatly extend the app’s capabilities but also fine-tune the app’s performance.
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, some of the many, many reasons why React Native is not only widely considered one of the top solutions for modern mobile app development but also why it is considered the future of hybrid mobile app development. It is quick, it is reliable, and it brings an abundance of advanced features and functionalities, including hot reload, compatibility with third-party plug-ins, etc., that greatly ease the process of building and managing modern mobile apps. If you too want to put this new-age tool to work for your app development project, you should start looking for a reliable vendor of React Native development services ASAP.

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