What Makes Flat Foot Shoes And Ulcer Healing Shoes Best For Diabetic Patients

by Dabshoes Clinic Service Provider

People who are suffering from the disease like diabetes need extra precaution and care because the problem can affect and limit their physical activities as well as their day to day lives to a great extent. It is has been observed that flat foot shoes India and ulcer healing shoes promote favorable healing and prevent the risk of ulceration from several other causes. The bad effect of diabetes can directly affect our feet and legs, hence special attention should be given while picking the right shoes under such problem.

How diabetes can affect our feet?

When diabetic neuropathy transpires, it can damage the nerves in your legs and feet which eventually may cause you to lose feeling in them. It literally means that you would not be able to feel or observe even too hot and too cold. The situation may lead to serious complications and infections.

It may also develop a peripheral vascular disease that slows down the blood flow and extend the healing time cuts and soars. In the case of non-healing sores and cut there is a high possibility of developing severe ulcers or gangrene which may cause amputation as well.

The usefulness of flat foot shoes for diabetic patients

Using flat foot shoes for diabetic patients can help them to beat the condition that occurs during diabetes. Flat foot shoes are mechanically engineered with favorable features to accommodate swelling, promote comfort level and provide protection against irritation of the skin. They are constructed from soft and non-binding uppers. Moreover, it has seam free interior that is quite useful in eliminating the irritation and rubbing against the skin which prevents sores and ulcer complications.

The flat foot shoes India have an extra depth and wide toe box in order to maintain adequate blood circulation and accommodate swelling. It also has the ortho-cushion system that comprises orthotic arch, supportive and convenient cushioning and ergonomic lightweight soles. With this kind of support, it ensures that our body, knees and feet are well-aligned and remain safe from any potential harm or injuries.

Need of ulcer healing shoes

Ulcers in a diabetic patient can create a perilous condition, such as it may lead to the condition where patients do not even feel or observe until the sight of blood. Since ulcers do not heal on their own many such diabetic patients might have to undergo amputation, losing their toes, foot or leg.

Ulcer healing shoes can be very effective and helpful in stimulating the healing process of ulcer condition. The insole of such shoes can deliver oxygen at least eight hours a day under the pressure of the individual weighing about 53-81 kg, however, the insole can be customized according to the weight of the patients. This concentrated amount of oxygen supply to the affected part of our foot stimulate the healing process and speed up the recovery from the ulcer problem. In this way, the diabetic patient with ulcer has more mobility while receiving treatment. This is how their ulcer which looks threatening can be guided toward faster healing.

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