What makes a place livable?

by Damien Martyn Academic Consultant

If you take the detour the Geography assignment help from the internet, then you will realize that 'What makes a place livable?' is the most asked question. It has the simple answer if you will write it without the facts and findings or exploring the different places yourself, but if you do that, then the answer is complicated than you think. 

Geography is the study of earth, its phenomenon, lands, inhabitants and features. You can very well spot the difference when you study Geography as a subject as a degree. Its description of the topic varies with distinct details.

Giving the sign of livable depends on the different factors which can vary from person to person. You and I both can tell the difference between living a place and visiting the place. Those factors change for a person as well. There is a big difference between what you love and what you find comfort in. I love the beach, but that doesn't mean that I can live near it, especially when there is a job factor. So, there are some parameters set by the various geography experts.

You can write your answers as per your level but some of the basic factors that define What makes a place livable are-

  1. Employment Opportunities- It mostly depends on the type of job you want and the type of business you have. It depends on you how you can commute to work. Like if the place is livable like if all the factors are meeting your requirement, then probably there is transportation, then commuting is possible. There have to be good employment opportunities that will worth commuting or moving there.

  2. Basic Facilities- The basic facilities involve Good hospitals, Educational institutions and other necessities that can make your living easy and comfortable. 

  3. Climate- Rainy Season looks refreshing and likeable for some time but can tolerate it for the whole year. The balanced Climate makes the place livable. One always has to think for the long term. You have to take constructive research as per the right set of the documents and information.

  4. Vibrancy- The certain vibrancy can make the place livable as per the requirement. It includes fine and normal, cafes, restaurants, bike trails, parks and good nightlife. It creates living easy, and people can make employment much more entertaining.

  5. Open spaces- It sometimes happens that people like the big flashy city life but every once in a while, the big open spaces can be proved helpful for rejuvenation. So, there have to be open spaces.

  6. Transportation- Transportation comes as a necessity as it is something that makes the commutation possible. The public transport will enable that task which makes the place liveable.

  7. Greenery and Nature- Nature is always good medicine to take the worries away. Nature doesn't mean the big forest but the beautiful scenes which can make the living healthy and peaceful.

  8. Living Cost-   An good beautiful place doesn't mean it becomes a constraint on your purse strings. The living cost must be satisfactory.

An ideal place will meet all the factors given above, but that happens rarely. So, some compromises have to be made or you have to look for the right set of places. Understanding deeply about the concepts students are advised to take online assignment help. Look for the reliable sources and conduct good research as to make your coursework understanding. 

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