What Issues does a School Mentor Commonly Address?

by Samiksha S. Author

As we know, school is like the second home to students. Their values and inner-selves are shaped from the early years in that environment with their classmates. The teachers and mentors also have a highly important role to play in this. The responsibility of a mentor is inexplicable. From an early age, even the most basic senses of wrong and right are taught to these kids by their mentors. It is very important as well because today’s youth is going to be the future of tomorrow. School education plays a crucial part in their current lives as well as the future. That is why parents want to admit their children at the best school in Gurgaon.

As a teacher or mentor, there are a lot of challenges that they have to face every day. However, a good role model will address those challenges and try to instil a positive approach within the kid which he/she carries for life. At the same time, cooperation is required from the parents’ side also who can help to retain the values imparted by the mentors. Needless to say, it also helps to enhance the quality of education which the best primary school in Gurgaon aim for.

These are some of the major issues that mentors address:

  • Failures– As students, they may not excel in all the subjects. However, this is a serious problem that can shake their confidence permanently. This is quite a serious matter and teachers constantly need to address this particular issue and deal with it patiently to make sure that the student does not develop fear in studies or the subject. The key to this is communication. Proper communication would inform the teacher about the problems and doubts of the student which can be channelized afterward in a positive manner. A mentor has to make sure that a student never gives up.
  • Inattentive students– In every class, there are certain students who do not take an interest in the lesson and are inattentive in general. This can be a serious problem for the other students as well as the mentor. It can disrupt class ambience thus leading to other students getting distracted which, in turn, makes it difficult for the teacher to carry on with the lesson peacefully. To get the attention of the mischievous or inattentive students is a tough job for the mentors. However, they can try several ways to make the lesson interesting in a friendly and unique approach which can grab the attention of the kid.
  • Inappropriate behaviour– Other than academics, there are several other issues that the mentors address. For instance, a student’s inappropriate behaviour at school needs to be addressed by the mentor properly to make sure that it does not get repeated. Inappropriate behaviour can involve anything such as not respecting other people’s property, being violent with other classmates, being uncordial towards the teacher and so on. The mentors need to address such incidents and teach them about the consequences of such behaviour. It is a big job which will help to regulate their attitude in the following years.
  • Disciplinary issues– Discipline is synonymous with having success in life ahead and it has to be practiced from an early age. There are many students in the class and not everyone will lead by example. It is the mentor’s challenge to see that the undisciplined students do not continue to behave like that. Wearing clean and tidy uniform, coming to class on time, keeping the classroom clean are some of the starters. An undisciplined student can affect the entire ambience of the class as well as the other students. For the mentor, it is of utmost importance to ensure that every child gives up their undisciplined lives.
  • Cheating– It is a common issue that every mentor faces in school. Due to the immense pressure of doing well in exams, sometimes students resort to such dishonest means. For some, it is unhealthy competition and for some, it is the huge syllabus that cannot be incorporated within the time- there is always a reason. However, if this habit grows, it will become a serious issue in the future. The school mentors’ duty is to impart them values that will stop them from becoming dishonest during tests.

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